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India vs Iraq, 2023 King's Cup Semi-Final Highlights: IND lose on penalties to IRQ after match ends 2-2

Highlights from the 2023 King's Cup Semi-Final between India and Iraq: India twice seized the lead, but Iraq drew even, and the Blue Tigers went on to lose on penalties.
Highlights from India vs. Iraq, 2023 King's Cup Semifinal: India competed fiercely against Iraq, but ultimately lost the penalty shootout. In the first half, India took the lead thanks to a spectacular goal from Manvir, then in the second half, Iraq's goalie scored an own goal to give India the lead once more. Iraq, though, canceled out each of those leads by converting penalties. Near the conclusion, Iraq had the upper hand, but India maintained their defensive posture. There was no additional time allowed in the King's Cup match, which ended 2-2, and penalties were immediately taken.  India's first penalty attempt by Brandon Fernandes was unsuccessful, and that made the difference.

Iraq vs. India in 2023 India vs. Iraq King's Cup Semifinal live score, 2023 Live score for the King's Cup semifinal: (PTI)
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Sep. 7, 2023, at 6:11 IST
India was eliminated from the King's Cup semifinal match between them.

Today was always going to be challenging for India, but what a showing they have had so far. For the majority of the game, Iraq and Canada battled it out to a draw in the penalty shootout. Although they would have loved to play one more game here, Igor Stimac would be pleased with the way his team played against a team that was much ahead of them in the rankings. We'll leave it at that; thanks for joining us, and good bye!

September 7, 2023, 6:08 IST
Live King's Cup score between IND and IRQ: GOAL! 5-4, Iran wins the shootout.

Bonyan seals it for Iraq by smashing it into the side netting. Given how composed he was throughout, he scarcely even celebrates after that.


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