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Kourtney Kardashian underwent 'urgent fetal surgery' to save her baby's life

In an interview published on Wednesday, Kourtney Kardashian discussed having "urgent fetal surgery" to preserve the life of her unborn child.

Travis Barker, who hastily departed the Blink-182 tour last week to be by her side, and her physicians were acknowledged as well.

She stated on Instagram, "I wasn't prepared for the dread of going into urgent fetal surgery as someone who has had three pretty uncomplicated pregnancies in the past. "I don't think anyone who hasn't been through a similar situation can even begin to understand that feeling of fear."

"I will always be grateful to my amazing doctors for saving our baby's life," she continued. My rock, my husband, who came running from his tour to be by my side in the hospital and take care of me afterwards, has my lifelong gratitude. And I want to thank my mother for helping me through this.

The first kid that Kardashian and Barker will have together is due soon. Kardashian and her ex-partner Scott Disick have three further kids.

Last Friday, Blink-182 canceled a number of upcoming shows and stated in a statement that Barker had to leave immediately for "an urgent family matter."

On Wednesday, Barker revealed that the tour would pick back up on Friday.