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Tyler Childers adds two Nashville dates to 2024 tour

The 2024 tour of singer-songwriter Tyler Childers will feature two performances at Bridgestone Arena, the latest sign of his rising fame in Nashville.

Childers will perform at Bridgestone on April 18 and 19. Pre-sale for verified fans starts on September 13.

Childers will perform in Nashville with 49 Winchester as the opening act.
The new album "Rustin in the Rain" by Childers will be out tomorrow.
Be wise: Read Marissa Moss' profile on Childers, a Nashville music writer.

Thought bubble from Southern bureau director Michael Graff: Childers stands out as one of rural America's most accurate narrators, in contrast to most radio music, which reads like a junket excursion to the countryside.

His tunes are soothing to even uninterested ears, but if you pay attention, they will destroy you. (I experienced it with "Follow You to Virgie," a song that has been around for almost ten years and made me cry for the first time last month.)
More than that, Childers has developed into an arena-filling performer from "Long Violent History" to "In Your Love," not by playing to clichés but by letting people know that he sees them.


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