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Jailer actor G Marimuthu dies after suffering heart attack, his ‘untimely death’ shocks Tamil film industry

G Marimuthu, a recent cast member of Rajinikanth's Jailer and a Tamil actor-director, passed away on Friday. He was in his mid-to-late 50s.
A heart attack claimed G Marimuthu's life. The recent Rajinikanth smash Jailer featured the actor-director from Tamil Nadu. Ramesh Bala, a film trade expert and insider, confirmed the news on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Friday and added that G Marimuthu was 57. His performance in the Tamil television drama Ethirneechal made him famous. He has also served as an assistant director for a number of directors, including Mani Ratnam. Read further: Death at age 66 of veteran actor RS Shivaji

Filmmaker-actor G Marimuthu has passed away.
Filmmaker-actor G Marimuthu has passed away.

"Shocking: Popular Tamil character actor Marimuthu passed away this morning due to cardiac arrest," Ramesh Bala tweeted. His TV Serial monologues have recently gained him a sizable fan base. His soul rest in peace. He further stated in a subsequent tweet, "He was 57..."

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Marimuthu was taken emergency care.
According to reports, G Marimuthu passed out on Friday morning about 8.30 am in Chennai while doing the dubbing for his TV show Ethirneechal. He was taken to a neighboring hospital where doctors there declared him dead, according to a tweet from Johnson, a public relations specialist employed for the South's film industry.

"Shocking, actor-director Marimuthu went suddenly at 8:30 this morning. because of a cardiac arrest. Marimuthu is gone, he tweeted. He added, "It has been confirmed that actor Marimuthu (58), who was dubbing for Ethireneechel serial this morning, suddenly fainted and was taken to the nearby Surya Hospital, where he died as a result of chest pain," in another tweet.