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KTM RC 390 rivaling Aprilia RS 457 unveiled!

The RS457, Aprilia's newest supersports model, has been unveiled. The motorcycle had previously been seen testing both in India and abroad. What is known about it as of its unveiling is detailed below.

RS440 Aprilia, right side view
The Aprilia RS457 imitates the design of the RS660. It has a split LED headlight with a little visor mounted on top that is part of the front fairing. Then, on the side fairing, there are tiny ducts that resemble fins below the headlight. Better aerodynamics or heat dissipation could both benefit from this. The split seat configuration and proper crouched rider triangle are added to the RS457.

RS440 TFT / Instrument Cluster for Aprilia
A 457cc twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with a 47bhp output and a six-speed transmission powers it. Rider aids like ABS, three-stage traction control that may even be switched off entirely, ride-by-wire, and three ride modes are also advantageous. Full LED illumination, a TFT screen with optional Bluetooth connectivity, and a quickshifter are further available features. For comparison, the new RC 390's 373cc single-cylinder engine produces 42.9bhp.

The front forks and monoshock of the RS 457 are both adjustable USD models. Then, it has a single front and rear disc installed on 17-inch wheels as part of its braking system. These have 110/70 (F) and 150/60 (R) TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme tires wrapped around them. It weighs 175 kg on the scale.