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‘People on Twitter … complain about nothing’



'People on Twitter ... complain about nothing'

Kick streamer Ice Poseidon, whose legal name is Paul Denino, is facing backlash from viewers after he reportedly paid a stranger $500 to hire an alleged escort and interact with the escort on a Sept. 21 livestream. Denino is known for playing Old School RuneScape, as well as for his “life streams,” a term a since-deleted Rolling Stone profile described as being a blend of “improv, reality TV and situational comedy” but is really just Denino livestreaming everyday activities and jokes with his friends.

Allegedly, cameras were set up in a hotel room where an unnamed man would invite the alleged escort to meet him. In Brisbane, Australia, where Denino was streaming from, sex work is not illegal under certain conditions.

Denino claimed in a post that everyone involved knew about the cameras and that they were being filmed. In another post, he shared footage of him allegedly talking on the phone with the woman and confirming with her that she was OK with being filmed.

“Legal does not make this morally correct,” fellow streamer Concealed Bones commented. “this is in bad taste and you *should* know better.”

Viewers were also angry about the man appearing to block the woman from exiting the room. One of Denino’s clips included a scene from after the woman left, in which Denino and fellow streamer Sam Pepper told the unnamed man he “definitely cannot hold the door.”

“You have to let her go,” Denino said. “You should not hold the door shut. I was about to fly out.”

This revealed that Denino and Pepper had been in another room while the woman and unnamed man were meeting on camera, although it is not clear whether the woman was aware they were there.

Later on Sept. 21, Denino allegedly got “swatted,” a term describing a harassment technique commonly used within the gaming community that entails someone calling 911 against someone under false pretenses. Denino claimed that, despite reports suggesting he had been arrested for livestreaming and hiring an escort, he was actually the target of swatting.

Denino has been a prominent member of the online gaming community since he first joined Twitch, a video game streaming platform, in 2015. Denino was banned from the platform multiple times, concluding with his permanent ban in 2017 when he was swatted on a plane in Phoenix after an alleged viewer called in a hoax bomb threat to the airport in Denino’s name.

He also started his own cryptocurrency, CxCoin, in 2021 and was accused of scamming users out of $500,000. He denied it was a scam in a post, but the cryptocurrency’s site went dark in mid-2022.

Pepper is no stranger to controversy himself and faced backlash in 2014 for filming a “prank video” that featured him groping women in public with a fake hand. A week later, multiple women came forward to accuse Pepper of inappropriate behavior and harassment, including two women who claimed he raped them in 2013 and 2014. Pepper started collaborating with Denino in 2018 after deleting all of his YouTube videos and tweets.

After a few years on YouTube and the now-defunct Microsoft streaming platform, Mixer, Denino joined Kick in May. Kick, which advertises itself as “less strict” than Twitch, has been in the spotlight recently for signing huge contracts with some of Twitch’s biggest streamers, including xQc and Amouranth. The platform also boasts the controversial streamer Adin Ross, who made headlines on Sept. 20 for pretending to interview North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Other streamers called on Kick to condemn Denino’s stream, including content creator FNATIC Stallion, who announced that he was leaving Kick for Twitch in response to the livestream.

“Not saying other platforms are perfect because we know full well they’re not, but at some point you really have to draw the line to what you can accept as a human being,” FNATIC Stallion wrote. “The fact that there is no [terms of service] to stop this behaviour & to see it funded and supported by management is sickening to me.”

On Sept. 24, Kick’s official X (formerly known as Twitter) account publicly addressed the backlash.

But fans felt the post was insufficient, especially as one X user shared a screenshot that showed a Kick viewer with the username “Eddie” reacting to Denino’s livestream. The X user alleged that the account belonged to Kick CEO Eddie Craven. Craven’s Kick account username is “Eddie,” but Craven has not publicly commented on Denino’s stream as of the time of publication. In The Know by Yahoo reached out to Craven for comment and has not heard back at the time of publication.

Craven was also involved with Ross’s fake Kim Jong Un interview, which broke records for the platform. In early September, during a livestream between Craven and Ross, Craven said Ross streaming from North Korea “could happen.”

The same X user also shared a clip from a Sept. 24 stream featuring Denino and Pepper the user said rendered Kick’s public statement “useless.” In it, Denino, who was talking on the phone, said, “I’ve made a severe lapse in judgment and, you know, I really want to apologize for everything that I have ever done in life.”

Denino then pledged “$1 million” to veterans and “people that need help in this society” — “especially people on Twitter who complain about nothing.”

“Psych!” he concluded. “F*** Twitter. … F*** everybody who gets mad about bulls***.”

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Alex Harsha is a full-time writer.Before becoming a full-time writer, Alex was a public school teacher. He teaches writing workshops to children and adults. Lives in Connecticut & Works on next novel.

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Tax filing season can be a stressful time for many people. There’s a lot of paperwork to gather, and the tax code can be complex and confusing. However, a tax calculator app can help to simplify the tax filing process and make it less stressful.

Here are some of the ways that a tax calculator app can simplify your tax filing process:

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In addition to these standard blessings, some tax calculator apps also provide capabilities which can make the tax filing manner even less complicated, together with:

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Overall, a tax calculator app can be a precious device for taxpayers of all ranges of enjoy. By simplifying the tax filing procedure and making it extra efficient, tax calculator apps can assist taxpayers to save money and time.

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By following those guidelines, you could pick a tax calculator app that will help you to simplify your tax submitting procedure and make it less annoying.

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Live match blog – India vs Australia Final 2023/24 – Cricket Insights



Live match blog - India vs Australia Final 2023/24 - Cricket Insights

Australia need 241! That’s the same total England and New Zealand made in the 2019 final.

The key to bowling on a slow pitch is to keep to your discipline and limit the damage. Australia chose to bowl knowing the margin of error was less than zero. They came face to face with that when Rohit Sharma was going bonkers at the start. And they survived it because their fielding has been unreal.

Travis Head pulled off a catch that may well rival the one Kapil Dev took in 1983.

India went 97 balls without a boundary; they managed just four since the end of the 10th over. They thought they were consolidating. But in came Pat Cummins, dismissing Virat Kohli. He is the first fast bowler to complete his full 10 overs in this World Cup and not concede a boundary. Later Mitchell Starc found reverse swing. In the knockouts he’s taken six wickets at an average of 14.

Adam Zampa saw the pitch being slow and he too took pace off, going down to 84 kph once. He gave away just one four in his 10 overs. Australia sized up the conditions and responded to them perfectly.

Head and David Warner and Cummins and Zampa were saving boundaries all over the place. The field placements were excellent too. They had an offside sweeper out for Rohit because they guessed he would try to hit them off their lines and lengths by making room to the leg side. They had deep third man very fine to Suryakumar Yadav because his V is behind the wicket, not in front, and along with that gave him no pace to play his ramps and scoops.

This game, if they win it, and there’s still a long way to go, especially if there’s no dew, was made back in the drawing board.

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Tim Henman suggests Carlos Alcaraz is the greatest of all-time in one key area



Carlos Alcaraz in action

We may be a little too early to suggest Carlos Alcaraz could get into the discussion over who is the greatest male player of all time, but the Spaniad is certainly excelling in one key area.

Having lost his opening match to Alexander Zverev, Alcaraz knew only victory over previously unbeaten Medvedev would be enough to qualify for the semi-finals.

He achieved the feat in style, wrapping up a 6-4 6-4 victory to join the Russian in the last four on his debut in Turin.

Alcaraz’s superior sets record means he tops the group and will face Djokovic in a rematch of their unforgettable Wimbledon final, while Medvedev meets fourth seed Jannik Sinner, the only player yet to lose a match.

It was an impressive performance from Alcaraz after he lost his first match of the event against Alexander Zverev, as he continued an alarming slump in form that started with a defeat against Medvedev at the US Open.

Now the 20-year-old Spaniard is roaring back to his best, with his win against Andrey Rublev backed up by a victory against his great friend Medvedev.

During his commentary stint on the Alcaraz vs Medvedev match, former British No 1 Henman suggested the young Spaniard has separated himself from the greatest players the game has ever seen with his movement on the court.

“Is he the best mover to have ever played the game?” asked Henman.

“There have been some phenomenal movers, but from where I am sitting, I haven’t seen many quicker.

“We have had some great movers in the sport, but Alcaraz is right up there.

“There have been plenty of great movers in tennis, but his flexibility and control at the end of it is exceptional. His movement is just phenomenal.”

Novak Djokovic fans will argue their man has redefined how to move on a tennis court in the modern era, with his ability to slide on hard courts and contort his body into unnatural positions a skill that has helped him dominate the men’s game.

Roger Federer was also a divine mover when he was at his best, with his graceful presence on the court giving the impression that he was moving through the gears with relentless ease.

Rafael Nadal has also been a remarkable mover, with his dominance on clay courts helped by his sliding ability that has taken the sport on that surface to a while new level.

Now Henman may have started the ball rolling on a movement debate that will have no definitive answer, with Alcaraz admitting his movement was a big issue as he tried to find his feet on grass this summer.

The young Spaniard struggled on the surface in his first match at The Queen’s Club tournament in June, but quickly master the art of moving on grass as he lifted the trophy at that event and then went on to win Wimbledon.

“The most difficult part is to move well on grass,” said Alcaraz. “You need to be more careful than other surfaces, so for me to move on grass is the most difficult.

“The most comfortable (thing) is going to the net and playing aggressively all the time. For me it is similar to other surfaces with my style. Playing that style is comfortable and I like it.

“There are a lot of players who slice on grass. I am not one of them, so I have to think about the movement. I have to be focused on every movement and shot. For me it is more tiring when you are moving on grass. It is totally different, so you have to be really specific.”

Alcaraz’s youthful body allows him to be dynamic on court and that helps his movement, with the genius he can display on court helped by his ability to get to the ball quicker than his rivals.

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