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17 Ideal Checklist for a Flawless App Release



It has been quite an exciting decade. We witnessed a digital revolution of sorts, which started with the sudden rise of smartphones. And with the increasing demand for smartphones, another thing that came into light was apps.

According to Statista, over 178 billion apps were downloaded in 2017. This figure is expected to reach a staggering value of 258.2 billion in the next two years.

However, despite the heavy usage of apps, it is quite hard to get people to download new applications on their phones. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that they have been using the same set of apps for years.

Another study by Statista revealed that over 50 percent of US smartphone users don’t download new apps per month.

Top Checklist for a Flawless App Release

If you are thinking of creating your app, ensure that it is flawless. Right from the inception of your idea to its eventual launch, you need to be thorough throughout the process.

Here are 17 steps you must tick on your checklist for a flawless app release.

Pinpoint what you want to create

There can be no flawless app release unless the foundation of the app is stable. For this, you need to have a solid app idea. What is it that you want to create?

The perfect way to come up with ideas that work is by focusing on the user. Think about the problems users might need solutions too. And then be the provider of that solution!

  1. Identify its differentiating features

What makes your app different from all other apps within the genre?

For instance, there are many gaming apps out there. So is the case with messaging apps. If you are offering such mainstream apps, you need to find differentiating features that will allow your app to stand out. You need to identify them first before you can about developing them!

  1. List down necessary functions

Certain app functions will enable you to stand out. Others will enable you to be considered for download in the first place. You need to have both in your app. Analyze your competitors and list down all the necessary functions required to guarantee consideration.

  1. Assemble the team

Now that you know what you wish to develop and what key features your app will have, it is time to assemble a team that can do it for you.

This step can make or break an app. After all, regardless of how fantastic the idea is, if it is not developed perfectly, it will boil down to nothing!

Take your time to assemble the right team members. Hire them based on their passion, hard work, and expertise.

  1. Brief the team

After you are done with the process of hiring the unit, you need to invest time in briefing them about your app idea.

This way, they will get a clear direction. Having a session where you inform them about the overall design, features, and timelines.

  1. Develop an app philosophy and stick to it

Map out the characteristics of an ideal user of your app. Develop a core purpose accordingly. Reiterate this app philosophy through internal and external communications. This will help guarantee clarity among both the team and users.

Down the road, if you wish to further perfect your app, knowing your app philosophy will ensure that the essence of your proposition stays the same.

  1. Initiate the discovery session

Now that you have the right team and idea with you, you can now begin working on your app.

First, conduct user research to gain an understanding of the major pain points people have related to the apps they use. This will further solidify your research.

  1. Perform development estimates

Use the available prototype tools like Marvel. This will help you in creating development estimates that you can use to create a realistic timeline.

Include all tasks, regardless of how minuscule or complex they are. This will help you in making sure none of it is missed during the eventual app development and release process.

  1. Begin development by dealing with baseline tasks

You are finally ready to tick off an essential step for your app release – the initiation of app development!

Now, you need to break this into several pointers as well. After all, merely clubbing it all as app development would make it seem much harder to achieve. First, begin by tackling all the baseline tasks of app development.

Use all available tools to do so. Get every basic yet essential development stage out of the way before you begin dealing with the challenging aspects.

  1. Take a head start on the difficult features

After you are done with the basics, get ready to develop the most challenging features next.

Usually, developers make the mistake of leaving the hard tasks to the end. You need to tick this box early on to make sure you have room for error and improvement.

  1. Deliver builds weekly

Many make the mistake of releasing just one final app into the world. To have a flawless app release, you must develop and prematurely distribute builds after every two weeks at most.

Commit to delivering one every week. This will help you in gathering feedback that matters.

  1. Capture feedback and alter

Gather and analyze the feedback you get after each build. Incorporate it all into the development process.

This will help you in perfecting your idea and removing any unforeseen bugs that your app may have. This step is crucial to making sure that the eventual app release has no errors.

  1. Pass all the tests and perform a clean full build

Get your coders to write end-to-end unit as well as integration tests. Then, run these tests and make sure you pass all of them. In case your output doesn’t check out for any one of the tests, revisit your app.

Then, move forward with a clean full build of your app. Use continuous integration to perform the full build on your local machine.

  1. Understand the developer program policies

Whether you are developing an app for Android users or Apple customers, you need to abide by the policies of the two play stores. After all, you need to remain a trusted resource in the eyes of Android and/or Apple.

To make sure you don’t make any blunder and surpass any policy, read and understand the developer program policies.

  1. Aim for simultaneous release on various platforms

Unless you are planning to keep your app exclusive to a given device or platform, it is highly advised that you go full-throttle with your app release.

Launch your app, at the same time, on a variety of platforms. This will help you in creating the buzz needed for a successful app release.

  1. Promote

Merely releasing your app on platforms is no longer enough. There are dozens of apps available online. To break the clutter, you must promote your app extensively before, during, and after the app release.

Build hype through a teaser campaign. Create awareness and interest through a full-fledged marketing campaign upon launch.

  1. Regularly check all your vitals

The moment your app hits the market, you need to make extra efforts on your end. Periodically check data gathered through app usage.

This will help you in fixing bugs and performance issues in real-time. Don’t be afraid to take a step back and revamp your app if the release doesn’t go to plan.

Develop away

Keep tabs on this checklist throughout the app development journey. If you do so, you will automatically achieve a flawless app release.

Sara Gloria is the author of the young adult, contemporary romance novel, All the Wrong Reasons. She is currently at work on book two, aptly titled All the Right Reasons.

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The Legalization of Gambling in Indiana



Over the last decade, there has been a shift in America as more states jump on the legal gambling bandwagon. Indiana is one location that had expressed unrest at the idea and had steadfastly refused to entertain the idea. It, therefore, came as something of a surprise when they announced in 2019 that they would indeed be making steps to legalize gambling in the state.

Sports Betting Online

Legal gambling in Indiana remains limited to online sports betting and has only been open for business since October 2019. When it launched, two operators were making their debut on day one. It started with BetRivers Sportsbook via Rush Street Interactive, and since then the progress has been fast and furious with seven operators open for business by the end of the first week. The Executive Director of the Indiana Gaming Commission, Sara Gonso Tait was interviewed by Legal Sports Review on the first day and said: “There will probably be one more likely to launch in October, but I think that’s still a few weeks off.” Things are certainly moving at a pace as before the end of the month the count was up to 13 operators. check out the best gaming center at Judi Bola.

What Is on Offer

At present, there is no legal ruling to allow online casinos to operate in the area, so currently, the operators are only able to provide sportsbook betting, including daily fastest sports, and this is usually via the operator’s website and mobile apps. It gives residents the chance to follow their favourite games and place bets on their teams whenever and wherever they happen to be at the time. Historically we can see from other states who were resistant to online casinos, that after a couple of years having access to online sportsbook betting the legislation was changed again to make way for the casinos, so Indiana could well follow that pattern. The new licensing conditions have been said to be more comfortable than many states for the operator, and they are looking at a $100,000 licensing fee, a $50,000 annual renewal fee, and a modest 9.5% tax on gross revenues. It is undoubtedly tempting lots of big names into the area, and the number of sites is set to increase thought 2020. For more information, you can check out the Gamble Indiana website, which has a full list of legal Sportsbooks for Indiana players as well as all the latest news on gambling in the state.

Indiana has had a state lottery since 1989 which was soon after the ratification of the Lottery Act by the General Assembly. It is affectionally known as the Hoosier Lottery which is the nickname of the state, and it is now worth over a $1 billion when you take into account the commission to retailers, the player prizes and the transfers to the state funds. In land-based locations, you can play poker in Indiana, but as yet this has not translated to the virtual world, and at this stage, it is unclear if this will happen any time soon. Again, the sportsbook betting might set a precedent, but for now, residents are free to participate in Global Poker, which is legal in almost every state in the USA.

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Top 10 Features of Egyptian Museum



All of ancient Egyptian history is here, from the earliest Paranoiac artifact ever discovered to treasures from the era of Cleopatra, the last in a dynastic sequence of divine kings and queens stretching over three millennia. It is said that the museum displays more than 120,000 items, with at least that many again stored away out of sight in the basement. The real crowd-pleasers are the treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb, but there are many hundreds of other precious antiquities here of at least equal significance and beauty.

1- The Museum Building

Egypt’s first national museum of antiquities opened in 1863. It was rehoused in the current pink, purpose-built premises in 1902, which were designed in Neo-Classical style by French architect Marcel Dourgnon.

2- Auguste Mariette

The Egyptologist Mariette, who discovered the Serapeum at Saqqara (see p40), was the founder of the first national museum of antiquities in Egypt. His sarcophagus rests in the garden in front of the Egyptian Museum.

3- Central Hall

The museum is on two floors. On the lower floor galleries are arranged in chronological order clockwise around a central hall dedicated to large statuary; this is also where you will find the Narmer Palette

4- Old Kingdom Galleries

Immediately to the left of the entrance hall, these galleries contain artefacts from the era of the Pyramid builders. Particularly beautiful are three slate triads each depicting Menkaure, builder of the smallest of the Giza pyramids, flanked by two goddesses

5- New Kingdom Galleries

This long gallery is devoted to the mightiest pharaohs, including Tuthmosis III, Amenhotep II and Ramses II, during whose rules Egypt expanded its borders south into what is now Sudan and north to the Euphrates

6- Amarna Room

Room 3 contains pieces from Amarna, the short-lived capital of the “heretic king” Akhenaten. His daughter, Princess Meritaten, is characterized by an elongated face and full lips.

7- Tutankhamun Galleries

Almost half of the upper floor is devoted to some of the vast numbers of items excavated from the tomb of Egypt’s famed boy-king (left), which range from everyday items such as gaming sets and footstools to the giant gilded shrines and sarcophagi that fit one inside the other like Russian dolls.

8- The Royal Mummies

The desiccated bodies of some of Egypt’s mightiest rulers are displayed in two rooms on the upper floor of the museum. Of the eleven royals present, the most famous are Seti I and his son Ramses II, whose colossi adorn a great many monuments in Upper Egypt.

9- Animal Mummies

The ancient Egyptians mummified animals as well as people. This room on the upper floor of the museum is full of animal mummies, from cats, mice, and fish to crocodiles, sacred to the god Sobek.

10- Ancient Egyptian Jewellery Rooms

These two rooms contain dazzling examples of royal jewelry from the New Kingdom period (left). Many of these items were discovered in 1939 at Tanis, an ancient site in the Delta region.

Don’t miss to check our: Luxury Egypt Tours

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The Evolution and Future of the iGaming Industry



Technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds since the past decade. With proficient and formidable interfaces, the iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. According to the trend analysis research conducted by the Transparency Market Research, the industry would grow to a whopping value of US $100 billion at the end of 2024. The sector made records in 2016 by setting a market value of approximately US $41.68 billion. In spite of battles with the governments of several countries, the growth of the industry is unhindered and diversified.

What is iGaming?

iGaming or online gaming is playing games or betting on the outcome of a game over the Internet. iGaming is not just limited to sports betting like the NFL but also extends to online casinos where players wager bets on games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, etc.

The most popular gaming hubs are in Malta, Gibraltar, and the UK. The revenue and market size of the industry is currently at par with the global film and music industry or maybe more.

Evolution of the iGaming industry

Games, sports, and competitions have been a part of human history. Unsurprisingly, the advancement of technology meant that gaming also changed course to create a prominent presence on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. As innovation and interfaces upgrade, the accessibility and creativity expectations of iGaming are also above the normal gaming levels.

Present-day gaming

Thus, the tech-savvy generation of gamers and players insists on mobile-friendly, uncomplicated, quality games. Improved mobile hardware and powerful graphics create an atmosphere of intense competition for perfection.

For gaming operators of online casinos, this demand laid out by the gamers aggrandises the competition. The expectation is that they should give gaming deliverables, which replicates the environment of land casinos. Players also insist on secure and SSL encrypted gaming websites. Hence, online game developers may devise secure platforms without compromising with the look and feel of the game.

Future of the iGaming industry

With the aspiration of addressing the needs of the tech-savvy players, online game operators, and even the most significant search engines are leveraging the interest. Have you heard of Google Stadia? It is an online stadium where gamers can play, compete, cheer, and do all the other gaming activities as if they were in a land-based casino. In a few years, we may just have an online Olympics.

Augmented casinos

The augmented reality equipped casinos give players a 360-degree experience of an online casino. They harmonise with realism remarkably – a simple turn by the player can reveal the casino staff data, table details, other game details, etc.

However, augmented reality is under development, currently. Players still require additional accessories such as special glasses or headsets for a complete experience.

Blockchain casinos and cryptocurrencies

Some advanced gaming platforms also incorporate digital currencies and their underlying technology, Blockchain. Some popular options used by iGaming platforms as viable and prompt payment methods are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and BitcoinCash.

There is general speculation that Blockchain Technology is the next phase of iGaming. Its resistance to data modification and problem-solving capabilities is the key to a future beckoning for online casinos.

Final thoughts

The brick and mortar casinos continue to remain the favourite choices of the previous generation. However, With Gen-Z players and gamers, online casino and iGaming with intelligent technology are game-changers. Days of visiting a land casino would slowly start diminishing. Players can play their favourite game from the comfort of their homes with better gaming experience. Players and betting fanatics can plunge into a game of their choice anytime and from anywhere, thanks to iGaming and Internet of Things of IoT. It is an inevitable truth that with space-age level technology, the gaming experience and interfaces are only bound to get better.

Nonetheless, with online casinos being an unregulated sector, gamers are advised caution.

Regardless of interface or gaming varieties choose online casinos that are:

  • Authorised and licensed by gaming commissions
  • Reliable with a happy share of winners
  • Offer a variety of payment options
  • Ensure data encryption
  • Do not have low withdrawal limits, long cashout periods, and restrictions on non-bonus cash.
  • Prompt customer desk.

Players should run an adequate background check of the gaming platform before signing up.

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