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8 things people with asthma should avoid



According to research 1 out of 13 people have asthma. While some people are merely bothered by it, asthma can prove to be a major problem that interferes with your daily routine. It can make you susceptible to life-threatening asthma attacks. Even though asthma is incurable, it is controllable. You can prevent asthma attacks by taking proper measures.

Here, we have listed down 8 things people with asthma should avoid. Read on further for a deeper understanding.

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Pollen and Mold:

High levels of flower pollens are famous for triggering asthma attacks. Thus, pollen-induced asthma patients should stay away from them. Additionally, growing plants indoors should also be refrained. It is so because growing plants indoors can cause mold to form, which also triggers asthma. Here’s how you can evade the formation of mold:

  • Don’t over-water plants as it provides a favorable environment for the formation of mold
  • Keep them in a sunny place, so the water can easily evaporate.
  • Remove the dead parts from plants as soon as they appear, otherwise, it will promote the formation of mold.

  1. Pets

We hate to break it to you, but if you are asthmatic, pets are highly dangerous. Yes, that is a piece of tragic news if you are an animal-lover, like us. As much as you love stroking your pets, you should avoid keeping pets for your good. Any physical contact is bound to trigger an asthma attack as saliva, skin, fur, and particles of hair are all known triggers. Even if there is no physical contact with the pet, the fur or pet hair in your environment is enough to cause an attack. Thus, it is wise to keep yourself away from pets, and also, installing air purifiers.

3. Dust

Another well-known trigger that should be taken care of by asthma patients is dust. The dust has allergy-inducing properties and can increase the severity of asthma by prompting attacks. Asthmatics must maintain a high level of hygiene. Keeping the room dust-free may sound impossible, but vacuuming the room often can help achieve it. Additionally, some of the best air purifiers address this issue too.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is not a very good habit, and if you’re an asthma patient, abandoning any thoughts of smoking should be your course of action.

The different chemicals and gases present in cigarettes irritate the lungs. Not only does it increase the chance of asthma attacks, but it also worsens the condition. If an asthma patient smokes, coughing and wheezing will increase which will further increase the severity of the issue. Apart from that, tobacco negatively impacts your lungs, and asthma is a disease directly associated with your lungs. To sum it up, cigarettes and tobacco should be avoided.


You might want to join the gym at some point but if you’re asthmatic, you might want to reconsider this thought. Exercise-induced asthma is likely to be triggered by

  • Vigorous physical exertion or exercise
  • Prolonged periods of exercise

After five to twenty minutes when the exercise begins, airways start to narrow down, which makes it difficult to breathe. During exercise, most air is inhaled through our mouths. Thus, this air is cold and dry. Muscle bands of patients of exercise-induced asthma are sensitive to these changes in temperature and humidity. Consequently, the situation triggers the asthmatic attack. Hence, asthma patients should also skip exercising.

  1. Aromas in the kitchen and smoke 

The smoke and aromas that arise from your kitchen while cooking are irritants to your asthma. However, proper measures can help reduce the risk of asthmatic attacks. Hence, you should make sure that your kitchen has a proper ventilation system. The ventilation system can consist of either exhaust fans, chimneys, or an open window. The smoke air purifiers can also be installed for extra precautions. Moreover, going through a detailed analysis of many different best air purifiers may help you in this case.

  1. Harsh Weather

Asthma patients are advised to not get around harsh weather and temperatures. Extreme cold or extremely hot weather can cause symptoms of asthma to arise, so stay away from harsh weather conditions as much as you can. Of course, there’s nothing that can be done to control the weather, but asthma patients should take measures. Asthmatics should ensure that they do not expose themselves to varying temperatures. In hot weather, try staying cold. On the contrary, try staying hot in cold weather. Type of clothing, frequency of baths, and your surroundings (indoors and outdoors) are the things to consider here.

  1. Extreme Emotions

This is a little hard for most of us, but it is not impossible. See, this is the reason why asthma can interfere with your daily routine and make you vulnerable to deadly asthma attacks. The arousing of extreme emotions like anxiety, depression, anger, and fear induces stress. In turn, stress causes a change in heart-rate. Therefore, the breathing pattern also changes. Shallow and constricted breathing may trigger asthma attacks.

If you feel like any such emotion might get better of you, run; don’t just walk away from its source. There is nothing more important than your life. In other cases, you should try to control your emotions and keep yourself at bay from the stress as much as you can.


In a nutshell, asthma attacks can easily be prevented if you keep yourself protected from dust, pet hair, pollen, smoke, tobacco, harsh temperatures, and the arousing of extreme emotions.

It is better to be safe than sorry. However, if you are unable to resist your temptations, buying allergy air purifier might be a good decision as per the list of best air purifiers. Keeping the air that surrounds you free of anything that might trigger your asthma has been made easy by the help of air purifiers. Most of the risks are easily eliminated by air purifiers. Do your research and find the best air purifiers that suit your needs!

Sara Gloria is the author of the young adult, contemporary romance novel, All the Wrong Reasons. She is currently at work on book two, aptly titled All the Right Reasons.

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How do you know whether your sandwich is perfectly cooked? With an automatic sandwich maker, you don’t have to worry about constantly keeping a check on the sandwich-making process. If you buy one with automatic functioning, it will have an LED light that allows the appliance to switch off as soon as the sandwich grilling or making process is done. Opt for a variant that has an indicator for completion of the process. This allows you to multi-task without the concern of the sandwich getting burnt. A sandwich maker can be one of the best cooking appliances in your kitchen as long as you select the perfect kind.

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Four-fold jump in LPG consumption but industry faces challenges in Bangladesh



A relatively new industry segment in Bangladesh, LPG is setting new frontiers of growth as the nation has stepped up its energy requirements – making the LPG demand grow exponentially. To encourage the use of LPG, government has favorable policies in place. Market insiders says, due to increased use in households, commercial entities and vehicles, the country has seen a four-fold jump over the past three years in LPG consumption.

Though introduced by the state-owned Bangladesh Petroleum Company (BPC) back in 1978, LPG has only gained prominence after 2008. According to the annual report of the Energy and Mineral Resources Division (EMRD) of 2018-19, till last year, the number of LPG consumers was 38 lakh against 2.5 lakh in the year 2009. Owing to increased LPG consumption in Bangladesh, the number of such companies has increased rapidly.

While the use of LPG is growing exponentially, the most recent emphasis has been to handle the flammable product safely. Amidst rising safety concerns, companies are bringing in innovative methods to enhance the safety levels of cylinders. For instance, Beximco Group, co-founded by Salman F Rahman has introduced the composite fiberglass cylinder which is a Type 2 or 3 cylinder, through its Beximco LPG unit – making the LPG cylinders more viable in the Bangladeshi market. The safety tenet also appeals to the rural diaspora, where people still rely on wood fuel.

Salman F Rahman also serves as the Private Industry and Investment advisor to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina – which might bring the household energy aspect more prominent in the plans of the government in the future.

M Muntasir Alam, Chief Commercial Officer of Beximco LPG, informs, Steel cylinders are very hard and the gas pressure is always very high. Exposing them to extreme heat of the kitchen can lead to expansion of the gas inside the cylinders, making it highly flammable.

Salman F Rahman, MP from Dhaka-1 Constituency, who has already been working towards the installation of renewable energy grid in the country recently cited “We are self-sufficient in food, developing our electricity sector and our population growth is also under control.”

Furthermore, awareness sessions hosted by Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources have been centered on enhancing the existing facilities in the country- accessing all the risk factors associated with it.

Factoring in the existing safe and convenient energy solutions, Bangladeshi companies Beximco, Omera could expand their reach in Bangladesh and present export options – not unlike the recent export contract with India. As their capacity is hugely under-utilized, more such exports can help them become commercially more viable in the long run, only if they access risk factors well.

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Connecting the dot between Commercial Kitchens and Technology



Though the concept of cloud kitchens is on a rise due to the disruption of the traditional food business by tech food delivery service platforms in India such as Zomato, Swiggy, etc.

Commercial kitchens haven’t still lost their sheen. They, in fact, have turned out to be lot more significant as the number of orders through food delivery service app platforms has surged incredibly in recent times. The convergence of commercial kitchen space and technology has resulted in making commercial kitchen faster and efficient in terms of executing orders.

It goes without saying that major restaurants and hotel chains still bank on commercial kitchens, though however much outdated maybe, for cooking and distributing food. What will be a major shift here is their adopting commercial food technology and automation on a wider scale. This will be a disruption of the traditional modes of cooking that have been proved to be highly ineffective and time-consuming.

While automation technology can be treated as one major disruption factor, the other will be the use of commercial kitchen equipment for a range of applications including meat-preparation, pre-preparation, cooking, food processing, quick service, baking and dish and ware washing.

Each process would require a unique set of equipment and some processes would entail the use of one or more equipment. Still more, there’s a range of multi-purpose equipment that helps complete the intended function or task in usually half the time or even less taken by the traditional methods. Now then if you are a restaurant owner, you’ll need to complete and deliver online orders in record time so as to gain the reputation of customers online, as customers today have a sea of choices served in a platter. All it takes is a review or a star rating to either make or break the success of a restaurant in the highly competitive online space. And today as an increasing number of users take the social media route for venting out their satisfaction or frustration levels, commercial kitchens in hotels and restaurants have shifted gears towards adopting game-changing technology.

‘No food waste’ is a growing concept that we are socially bound and committed, but do the restaurants and hotels after it? “Yes,” says Minu Pauline, the owner of Kochi-based Pappadavada restaurant. She further adds, “Adopting automation and use of hi-tech commercial cooking equipment has reduced food wastage significantly. This is because everything out here in our hotel is fully monitored and carried out as per a robust and well-planned process; the margin for error is pretty much less. Food waste is a global issue, and hotels and restaurants can take the lead by simply adopting smart technology and using the right commercial kitchen equipment”.

Food hygiene is another issue that most restaurants and hotel chains need to grapple with. Today’s customers are more health-conscious than ever before. That is to say that Generation Y or millennial is becoming choosier in their approach towards showing loyalty to a particular hotel or restaurant brand than the previous generation or Gen X. And food hygiene and contamination can have its own say in the decision-making process. This can even turn out to be a major say as it is health-related leaving out little chances for errors. Today, most commercial kitchens come with quality high-grade Stainless Steel (or SS) material that is tested for hygiene and contamination. It is also the most preferred material for manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment and any other material would only be a ‘Hobson’s choice’. Not surprisingly, investing in a commercial kitchen is humungous and restaurants today don’t bat an eyelid when it comes to investing in SS-grade commercial kitchen machines. It pays rich dividends at the end of the day by preserving the health of their customers. Also, customers are willing to pay for anything that is health-related, and there is no tangible resistance coming into the way.

Next, comes the efficiency of the commercial kitchen space in general—and this is the biggest factor that restaurants and hotels look upon technology as their savior. Yet, the decision to deploy technology and use of the right commercial kitchen equipment is not always a cakewalk. This is because poor planning, foresight, and under-investment can affect the decision-making process. It isn’t always that restaurant owner searches for ways to bring new-fangled, intelligent approaches to the table. But those restaurants that have taken this route have ‘won’ the game already, standing tall in terms of economy, efficiency, and performance.

Also, the experience of the professional chef and staff in a commercial kitchen counts a lot, and there is little doubt that offering them a positive experience through practical, custom-built technology goes a long way in creating meaningful experiences for customers over the long haul.

To conclude it is apt to say that it is the order of the day that commercial kitchen should adopt novel technologies and the right equipment for day-to-day processes to come up thumps.

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