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Where to Have the Best Beach Sex this Summer



Excited to try something new? To be kinky and wild? How do you feel about some sexy beach time? Hooking up in public is a great way to tap into your exhibitionist side and push your boundaries a step further. But hooking up on a public beach is so much better.

Can there be a more romantic setting?

Of course, there’s a tiny problem of public beaches being crowded during the summer. You don’t want to get caught in action and asked to leave just when the things start heating up. That would pretty much ruin the fun, right? Not to mention get you in trouble.

Sex on the beach is all about seclusion, but cleanliness is also a factor to consider. Sweat and sand are not the best combos so the least you can do about it is to make sure that the beach you’ll be dirting up is not that dirty, to begin with. And pebbles are just the worst!

Considering all these factors, these are the sexiest beaches to visit for love making:

Koh Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Thailand is synonymous to some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches, but this one’s unique. Koh Phi Phi Island is home to the actual bay from the brilliant movie The Beach. All those sexy times that Leo gets to enjoy before things start turning weird were filmed there.

Phi Phi has two main islands, Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don, located about 46 kilometers from Phuket. The bay with pristine white beaches and turquoise, opalescent waters is called Maya Bay and is now under the special protection from Thailand’s goody-goody government.

But the Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort is still open to the public. It’s sexier than ever, now that the prices are a bit steeper to be affordable to everyone. Koh Phi Phi is still a tiny price to pay for your sexual bliss, so abandon that shopping cart and start saving right now.

Colombier Beach, France

There are no street names or clear directions on the St. Barth island, notes a certain travel blogger as if that was a bad thing. The fact that this lovely island has remained so untroubled by its popularity is exactly what makes it so attractive. Some say charming. We say hot.

Indeed, what can be hotter than a girl who knows how hard you want her but simply doesn’t care? That’s the island of St. Barth for you, lush and devil-may-care at the same time. It boasts 16 beaches in total, each one more gorgeous than the other, so do take a pick.

If it were us out there all alone and anonymous, we’d hit the Colombier beach first. It’s a rugged 30-minute hike from the island, or even better, accessible by boat. Rumor has it that a certain Bella Hadid gets her suntan there. Play your cards right, and… You know.

Pink Beach, Caribbean

Off to the Caribbean, are you? We envy you so much and not only on all the sex you’ll absolutely have. The Caribbean is so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at, so fix your RayBans and go to your Instagram cam. You won’t need a filter though. That’s how beautiful it is.

The Caribbean beaches are literally pink. There are six of them – Low Bay on Barbuda, Crane Beach on Barbados, Pink Beach on Bonaire, French Leave Beach on Eleuthera, an Horseshoe Bay Beach on Bermuda – so you’ll find at least one without those noisy tourists.

That Wes Anderson-like pastel rosy hue comes from tiny red marine creatures that live on coral reefs, but who cares! The important thing is, there are no beaches more whimsical than pink beaches in the Caribbean, which makes them a perfect place for quirky sex.

Majahuitas Cove, Mexico

Mexican Majahuitas beach is the place “par excellence if you desire to just turn off your cell phone, forget about the clock, and completely disconnect from it all”. Of course, what this censored pitch is really telling you is that Majahuitas never frowns upon dirty lovers.

This hidden little gem is accessible by sea only, on 18 miles or 29 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta. Its name comes from “Majahua”, which is a cute local tree that creates a perfect shade for those who don’t want to be seen. And with that, you get to enjoy full seclusion.

The swaying palm trees and the Tuito jungle make an atmosphere so wild and intimate that you won’t be able to resist. It’s also a virgin beach, which means that of divine beauty and untouched by tourists, a designation that, let’s be honest, makes Majahitas even sexier.

Isola Bella, Italy

One word, ladies and gents: Sicily. Doesn’t it just ooze sex? The north of Italy is all about lazy siestas, virgin olive oil (that naughty designation again), and boiling volcanos. It’s where the Godfather is from, after all, a wild beauty that cannot be tamed even by dangerous men.

If you don’t mind getting down and dirty under the Etna’s fertile dust, go deeper to the north. Have a glass of strong almond wine on top of Castelmola, a scenic medieval village above the old city of Taormina and then take a deadly drive down to Messina by cable car.

Messina’s Isola Bella is a pebbled beach on a pebbled islet of the same name, but it’s worth every scratch. Need we explain that its name means the “Beautiful Island” and need we say that it’s just as you’ve imagined it in your dirtiest dreams: shrubby and wild, kissed by the sun.

Finally, you have your sex on the beach bucket list that, depending on your appetite, can last you at least a couple of summers. But don’t be too naive to presume that this makes you an expert in the art of making love on the sandy seashore. Trust us, honey, it doesn’t.

Have fun, you sexy exhibitionist!

Sara Gloria is the author of the young adult, contemporary romance novel, All the Wrong Reasons. She is currently at work on book two, aptly titled All the Right Reasons.

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5 Ways To Bring Charm To Your Home’s Exterior



The exterior of a house is something like a personality – it has to be unique and charming in order to stand out from the crowd. The crowd in this context are other houses and the uniqueness is achieved by changing some exterior bits. In case you feel like the exterior can be revived a bit to return to its former charm and glory, take a look at our next suggestions.

Redo the entrance

The point of entry to your house should be almost perfect because anyone who enters the house will notice even the smallest detail. You want to make it as elegant as possible so first, focus your attention to the pathway. If there are any cracks and weed coming out of it, you should fill any hole and do some weed control. If you are in the mood for the renovation project, you can replace it with stones and create a stone pathway to your front door. Best place to buy home exteriors at Perth Artificial Grass.

Then, repaint the door to make it look new and fresh. Pay attention to the symmetry too as it will also make your entrance pop. Put a flowery plan on each side of the door and also hang a lantern above the door.

Give a splash of color

If you’ve been thinking of a creative project lately, now’s the time to give your exterior a new splash of color. You can do this on your own or hire some help for those inaccessible parts. Either way, by giving your exterior a facelift, it will feel like you bought a new house.

The Pantone color of 2020 is a beautiful shade called Classic Blue. It might be an inspiration to add a few blue details to your exterior. Before you decide to repaint the exterior, make sure you clean it first. Then, prep it thoroughly, remove any mold and fix any cracks that might have happened. Not only will this make the exterior look more beautiful, but it will also be the unique opportunity to fix any damage.

Create a picture-perfect roof

The roof is not something you have to change often. But, if the roof is in the bad shape, it ruins the perfect charm of your exterior. If some damage is visible when you look up and inspect it from afar, be sure that anyone else will notice it as well.

If you have to repair the roof, make sure you do replace the existing one with a durable replacement. For example, slate roofing is a perfect choice for those who wish to achieve both beauty and durability. This is a common choice in Australia because it is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials. Quality slate roofing in Sydney and other areas is the most common choice for residential rooftops. So, inspect the current state of your roof and make the choice accordingly.

Plants are extra charming

Landscaping can only increase the beauty of your home. It might even become a hobby because plants require attention so they can bloom. While a properly maintained lawn can easily become your favorite part of your living quarters. You might even decide to create an outdoor relaxation oasis among potted plants and in the shade of a tree.

But, the only way to make this happen is to pay equal attention to the landscaping. Make sure you plant various seasonal plants so you’ll always have something new blooming during the seasons. You can plant them in the soil or even have some potted plants you can easily take inside once the weather changes. Either way, a groomed lawn, blooming flowers, and various bushes only increase the curb appeal of your house.

Light it up

Outdoor light is both essential and decorative. Properly lit outdoor area reduced the chances of injury when walking around during the night. It also banishes the darkness and makes the entire area more welcoming. Additionally, if you light up space with unique and beautiful lanterns you will increase the overall beauty. Put up a hanging lantern by or above the front door. Add additional lanterns to each house corner that is facing the street. Also, add a few solar-powered lights along the walkway or among potted plants. You can also light up the unique architectural features of your house to make them stand out.

It goes without saying that the exterior of your house matters as much as the interior. It is also something that portrays your unique style so make sure to follow these tips to bring charm to your home’s exterior.

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Fabulous Valentine’s Gifts to Rejoice the Bond of Undying Affection



Valentine’s Day is devoted to lovers and married couples all over the world. It is a grand celebration that helps them to strengthen their deep relationship forever. The best part of this special occasion is the way of showing undying affection for each other. Most of the time, couples dedicate some romantic tokens of remembrance to mark this memorable event of the year. They even plan some extraordinary things to create some joyous memories of the day. It is an excellent time for you to provide an attractive gifts for valentines day to enchant your beloved partner. When it comes to choosing the best present to celebrate the bond of togetherness, then you have to put little effort to make it special for her. This V-Day, you can plan some exciting ideas to show how much you love your better half.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to rejoice your bond of endless love on Valentine’s Day.

Flowers Basket:

Fresh flowers always make a gesture of deep love and affection in relationships. You have the chance to design a beautiful floral basket to show your endearment. Add all your favorite flowers in a lovely floral arrangement to greet your beloved partner. It can be helpful to complement the beauty, love, care, and happiness of your relationship. If you add a handmade greeting that will be perfect to win her heart. It is going to be a meaningful gift to convey your deep emotions from the heart.

Chocolate Bouquet:

The best idea to add sweetness into your relationship is to make a hamper of delicious chocolates. You can even order an attractive chocolate bouquet to spread some happy moments of the day. Make sure to select her favorite chocolates to show how much you care about her taste. The best idea is to add some assorted chocos of her choice to make it more adorable for her. Your better half will surely enjoy such mouth-watering chocolates on Valentine’s Day. It will be a nutritious food hamper to commemorate another special occasion.

Designer Dress with Ornaments:

The gift you choose for your beloved partner should be according to her preferences. On this memorable event, you can surprise her with a designer dress or something she may be planning for a long time. Another option is to take her to the shopping mall where she can select by herself. You can also buy resin flower jewellery that matches her beautiful dress. It would be a fantastic way to show your concern for her. She will be thankful for considering her particular choices in apparel and jewelry.

Delight with Photo Cake:

A cake is always a center of attraction on any occasion you celebrate. This time, you can amaze your better half with a personalised Valentine cake. You have to select her favorite flavors and ingredients to prepare a yummy cake for the celebration. The best way is to choose a memorable photo of your wedding day to personalise the cake to mark this lover’s day. You can even write a love message at the center of the cake. It will help to rejoice your deep bond of endearment.

A Big Wall Frame:

Every year you have to try new ideas to celebrate your relationship. If you want to refresh some joyous memories of your togetherness, then you should design a big wall photo frame for her. You can even choose a heart-shaped frame to give her moments of happiness. It can be another fantastic way to express your heartfelt emotions on this most awaited event. Another idea is to engrave a suitable caption on the photo frame to mark this memorable occasion.

All of these are some of the fabulous gift ideas by which you can rejoice the bond of eternal love and affection with your beloved partner.

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Top 10 Features of Egyptian Museum



All of ancient Egyptian history is here, from the earliest Paranoiac artifact ever discovered to treasures from the era of Cleopatra, the last in a dynastic sequence of divine kings and queens stretching over three millennia. It is said that the museum displays more than 120,000 items, with at least that many again stored away out of sight in the basement. The real crowd-pleasers are the treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb, but there are many hundreds of other precious antiquities here of at least equal significance and beauty.

1- The Museum Building

Egypt’s first national museum of antiquities opened in 1863. It was rehoused in the current pink, purpose-built premises in 1902, which were designed in Neo-Classical style by French architect Marcel Dourgnon.

2- Auguste Mariette

The Egyptologist Mariette, who discovered the Serapeum at Saqqara (see p40), was the founder of the first national museum of antiquities in Egypt. His sarcophagus rests in the garden in front of the Egyptian Museum.

3- Central Hall

The museum is on two floors. On the lower floor galleries are arranged in chronological order clockwise around a central hall dedicated to large statuary; this is also where you will find the Narmer Palette

4- Old Kingdom Galleries

Immediately to the left of the entrance hall, these galleries contain artefacts from the era of the Pyramid builders. Particularly beautiful are three slate triads each depicting Menkaure, builder of the smallest of the Giza pyramids, flanked by two goddesses

5- New Kingdom Galleries

This long gallery is devoted to the mightiest pharaohs, including Tuthmosis III, Amenhotep II and Ramses II, during whose rules Egypt expanded its borders south into what is now Sudan and north to the Euphrates

6- Amarna Room

Room 3 contains pieces from Amarna, the short-lived capital of the “heretic king” Akhenaten. His daughter, Princess Meritaten, is characterized by an elongated face and full lips.

7- Tutankhamun Galleries

Almost half of the upper floor is devoted to some of the vast numbers of items excavated from the tomb of Egypt’s famed boy-king (left), which range from everyday items such as gaming sets and footstools to the giant gilded shrines and sarcophagi that fit one inside the other like Russian dolls.

8- The Royal Mummies

The desiccated bodies of some of Egypt’s mightiest rulers are displayed in two rooms on the upper floor of the museum. Of the eleven royals present, the most famous are Seti I and his son Ramses II, whose colossi adorn a great many monuments in Upper Egypt.

9- Animal Mummies

The ancient Egyptians mummified animals as well as people. This room on the upper floor of the museum is full of animal mummies, from cats, mice, and fish to crocodiles, sacred to the god Sobek.

10- Ancient Egyptian Jewellery Rooms

These two rooms contain dazzling examples of royal jewelry from the New Kingdom period (left). Many of these items were discovered in 1939 at Tanis, an ancient site in the Delta region.

Don’t miss to check our: Luxury Egypt Tours

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