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Office 365 enables you to operate as you like from anywhere in the world, with no concern about the security of your data and no additional time to manage mailboxes, and that's why people are moving their email clients away from MBOX toward Office 365 (online Exchange). If you're thinking of moving the email client to the cloud and vice versa, you must also transfer the database. After Microsoft Outlook is installed on the system, it is easy to transfer MBOX to Office 365 mailbox-- you can choose the indirect (two-step) solution or use a software-based application to share the information from one email client to another. Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based service. It has fully installed applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. The applications are available on multiple devices, based on the agreement for licensing or plan. Suggested solution: Shoviv Import MBOX to Office 365 These features are available along with many other programs, including. Skype for Business, SharePoint, etc., have made it necessary for users to move away from MBOX and onto Office 365 (cloud). The email client's shift does not mean you have to change the applications' interfaces; users must also transfer the database they want to use and ensure that the database created following MBOX converted to Office 365 is entirely available. This blog post outlines two ways to provide an effective transition from MBOX into MS Office 365. MBOX Converter | Migrate Thunderbird to Office 365 | Outlook Import MBOX | Convert Thunderbird to Outlook | MBOX Viewer | MBOX to PST Converter | Open MBOX file