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Frequent Asked Questions

Quick Guide to Getting Started on​

How do I start writing for RecentlyHeard?

You can start writing by creating an account on RecentlyHeard by clicking on the ‘Login/Registration‘ tab on the site header. Create your account using either your Facebook or Gmail credentials.

Who can sign-up for RecentlyHeard?

Anyone who has passion for writing or blogging and needs a platform from where the world can view and recognize your content.

What happens once I create an account?

Once you accept the terms and conditions, you will be directed to your ‘Writer’s Dashboard’. This is your personal account page from where you can create and submit articles and view your earnings.

How do I submit my first article?

Click on “Create New” located at the top of the left side panel. You will be given 2 choices – Article and List Article. Choose your content format and start creating your content. You can read more about it in our Article Writing Guidelines section.

What can I do from my dashboard?

In your dashboard, you can view all your drafts and submissions. Any article submitted by you will appear under ‘Pending Review’ initially till it has been reviewed by our editing team. If any article requires changes, it would be sent back by our editing team and you can view them under ‘Requires Change’. If an article cannot be published for any reason, it would appear under ‘Can’t Publish’.


You can also update your payment settings with your details to get the earnings transferred to your bank account. Under ‘Payment History’, all processed transactions would appear.

About Writer Earnings In ​

How can I make money out of my RecentlyHeard articles?

RecentlyHeard is an absolutely transparent earning platform for News, Entertainment writers. Every writer on RecentlyHeard is automatically on-boarded on to our proprietary Revenue Share platform. Writer have access to their unique dashboard where they can view their earnings on a daily basis. On RecentlyHeard , what you see is what you get!

How are my earnings calculated?

Earnings on articles are calculated based on the number of reads/pageviews your articles get. Higher the number of reads, more the earning. Furthermore, any article you write will continue to accrue earnings as long as it keeps receiving reads. All the earnings from all of your articles are automatically calculated by our systems.

How will I get paid?

RecentlyHeard pays its writers via 2 modes – electronic bank transfer, PayPal. Depending on your geographical location and the most convenient mode of payment for you, you can update it under payment settings in your dashboard.

Is there a minimum threshold for payments?

Yes, since transfer of very small sums attract service charge (which would further reduce your earnings), we have a minimum threshold for payments. The details are as follows:


  • Payments within India: USD 15 (Approx INR 1000)
  • Payments outside India: USD 50

What happens if my earnings don’t reach the minimum threshold for payments?

If the minimum threshold is not reached in a given month, the amount would keep accruing till you reach the threshold, and will be paid on the 20th of the succeeding month.

When do I get paid?

The earnings from your articles in any month will be paid by the 20th of the next month, assuming you have crossed the minimum threshold for payment.


Example: If your accrued earnings till June are USD 200, You will get this payment on 20th July. Please ensure that your payment details are filled up correctly.

I live in India, but my earnings are shown in USD.

No need to worry. We display earnings for all writers in USD to maintain a single currency on the dashboard. We convert USD to INR based on the prevailing exchange rate before processing payments.

Why are my articles having similar page views paying out differently?

Views from different countries get paid different amounts. Reads from developed countries generally yield a higher revenue. Hence, articles having similar views but from different geographies will have different payouts.

Why are the reads on my earnings dashboard different from the total reads on my profile page?

Your earnings dashboard will only reflect reads from monetizable countries. Whereas, your profile page will reflect the total reads on the article. Moreover, if any reader has Adblock enabled on their browser, it will not reflect in the earnings dashboard as the reads are not monetizable.

How can I improve my

Firstly, do not make earnings your priority when you write articles. You will only be able to improve your earnings when you improve your writing. RecentlyHeard audience seeks really high-quality, engaging and trustworthy content. So as a first step, try to meet these criteria. Here are a few things you can work on to ensure that your articles are widely read:


1) Put the readers above yourself. Understand their aspirations and what moves them. Connect with them through your writing.


2) Write for your audience. Always ask yourself two questions. Am I entertaining my audience? Am I telling them something new? If the answer for either of the two questions is “No”, then rethink your topic.


3) Write better. Improve your grammar and writing style. Language is a powerful tool, use it well. A great thought that is not well written will only put off the readers. Install Grammarly extension for Chrome to remove basic errors easily.


4) Write for the digital medium. Your audience is mobile with very short attention spans. Use shorter sentences. Don’t write long and confusing sentences. Be crisp. Be concise. Keep it simple.


5) Write innovative topics. If you spot a topic that has already received good views, there is no point in attempting it again. Doing the same thing over and over again will not help you. Keep innovating and experimenting.


6) Research well. Being superficial and repeating the facts that your audience already knows is counter-productive. Try to dive deeper into a subject and inform audiences about something they don’t know.

Why do writers get
from RecentlyHeard?

RecentlyHeard has a zero-tolerance stance on certain topics, and we automatically block accounts that breach them. Many of the most important reasons for the banning of profiles can be found below:


1) Plagiarism: this is a rather serious crime and we should not take a soft copy of the contents. Plagiarism is considered to be the lowest level of fraud and robbery of intelligence. Whether it’s a sentence or a paragraph, if you’re caught copying material, it means that we can’t trust you. In certain cases , legal action can also be warranted against the writers.


2) Pushing bot traffic: There have been instances where readers have been sent on unauthorised bot traffic in an effort to increase their earnings. Understand that our engineering team is a lot smarter than you and we have tools in place to track bot traffic in a matter of minutes. This crime still requires civil action, and the accounts are automatically suspended.


3) Consistently submitting rejected articles: when our editors refuse a post, this means that the material is not good enough to be published on the website. Resubmitting the same article again amounts to spamming and your account could be blocked for the same reason.


4) Spamming or exhibiting disrespect in the comments section: making unsolicited spam comments or demonstrating offensive conduct in the comments section can also result in a permanent ban from the site.