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Clayton Kershaw Networth



Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw

$60 Million
33 years
March 19, 1988
6'3'' (193cm)
Baseball Pitcher
Ellen Kershaw
November 2020

Clayton Kershaw (Clayton Edward Kershaw) is a three-time ‘Cy Young Award’- winning American professional baseball pitcher. He is a powerful left-handed starting pitcher for the ‘Los Angeles Dodgers’ of the ‘Major League Baseball’ (MLB).

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, he started playing baseball during high school and pitched for ‘USA Baseball’s junior public group in the ‘Pan American Championship.’ He was chosen seventh overall by the ‘LA Dodgers’ in the 2006 ‘MLB Draft.’ One of the highest-paid players, he joined the major alliance in 2008.

Clayton Kershaw was the first pitcher to lead the ‘MLB’ in earned run average (ERA) for 4 successive years (2011–2014). Kershaw was chosen for the ‘Top pick Game’ for 7 years straight (2011–2017).

He has won the 2014 ‘Public League Most Valued Player’ (MVP) award. Other than winning the ‘Triple Crown’ and three ‘Cy Young’ awards, he has additionally won the ‘Warren Spahn Award’ multiple times.

Clayton Kershaw is married to Ellen Melson, and the couple is engaged with huge humanitarian work. They help in raising assets for several charity establishments working in various countries. He has additionally received awards for his charity work.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw

Childhood and Early Life

Clayton Kershaw was born on March 19, 1988, in Dallas, Texas, to Marianne (née Tombaugh) and Christopher George Kershaw, a performer who has won the ‘Clio Award.’ He was raised by his mother, as his parents divorced when he was 10.

Kershaw learned at the ‘Highland Park High School’ and was part of his school baseball crew and the youth sports alliance. In the ‘Pan American Championship,’ he pitched for the ‘USA Baseball’s junior public group.

During his high-school years, his ability was recognized and he got known as outstanding amongst other baseball prospects of the country. In 2006, he received the ‘Gatorade National Player of the Year’ honor for his baseball abilities.

Clayton Kershaw Career

Clayton Kershaw entered the 2006 ‘MLB Draft’ and was chosen by the ‘LA Dodgers’ as the seventh overall pick. He was thinking of accepting the ‘Texas A&M University’ scholarship, however, chose to sign with the ‘Dodgers’ all things being equal. He received the largest marking reward of that time, adding up to $2.3 million.

Kershaw started the professional game with the ‘Inlet Coast League’ (GLC), the rookie-level minor-group offshoot of the ‘LA Dodgers.’ In 2007, he climbed to the ‘Great Lakes Loons,’ a Class-A member of the ‘LA Dodgers.’ He was chosen to participate in the ‘Midwest League All-Star Game’ and the ‘Top pick Future Games.’

In August 2007, he was promoted to the ‘Southern League’ and played for ‘Jacksonville Suns,’ a twofold A group. His record in this group (1–2, with 3.65 ERA) made him perhaps the best prospect among the ‘Dodgers.’

Clayton Kershaw made his ‘MLB’ debut on May 25, 2008, with the ‘Dodgers,’ against the ‘St. Louis Cardinals.’ For one year, he was the most youthful player in ‘MLB.’ His first major association win was on July 27, 2008, against the ‘Washington Nationals.’

His record for the 2009 regular season was 2.79 ERA, with 185 strikeouts. Kershaw made his post-season playoff debut in the 2009 ‘Public League Division Series’ (NLDS), again against the ‘St. Louis Cardinals.

He experienced some setbacks during the 2010 season yet completed the season with a success misfortune ratio of 13–10 and a 2.91 ERA. He finished the season on a high note, with a complete-game shutout against San Francisco, and was chosen as the ‘Opening Day Starter’ for the 2011 season.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw

Starting the 2011 season as the ‘Opening Day Starter’ (the first of his record eight straight ‘Opening Day’ starts, from 2011 to 2018), Kershaw recorded numerous high points of his career in this season. He was the first ‘Dodger’ starter (since Jeff Weaver in 2005) to score back to back complete-game victories.

Clayton Kershaw won the ‘Public League Player of the Week’ award for June 20 to 26 and the ‘Public League Pitcher of the Month’ award for July 2011. He earned his first ‘Elite player Selection’ when he was chosen for the 2011 ‘MLB All-Star Game.’ In this season, he drove the alliance with 21 successes, 2.28 ERA, and 248 strikeouts.

He earned the ‘Triple Crown’ for pitching (first ‘Dodger’ since Sandy Koufax in 1996) and additionally won the ‘Public League Cy Young Award.’ He won numerous other awards, too, such as the ‘Warren Spahn Award’ for the best left-handed pitcher, the ‘Players Choice Award for Most Outstanding National League Pitcher,’ the ‘Gold Glove Award’ for the top handling pitcher in the alliance.

For the second year in a row, Clayton Kershaw was chosen for the 2012 ‘MLB All-Star Game.’ He was the runner-up for the ‘Cy Young Award.’ He drove the group in ERA (2.53). In the 2013 season, he won his second ‘Cy Young Award’ and ‘Warren Spahn Award.’ Kershaw likewise marked a 7-year, $215-million contract augmentation with the ‘Dodgers.’

In the 2014 season, he broke his own previous record of low ERA with 1.77 ERA. On June 18, 2014, he pitched a “no-hitter” game. Winning his third ‘Cy Young Award’ he joined the “Hall of Famers” in earning three ‘Cy Young’ awards in four seasons.

Clayton Kershaw additionally won the association’s ‘MVP Award’ and turned out to be the first pitcher (since Bob Gibson in 1968) to win it and just the third pitcher to win both the ‘NL’ awards in a similar season. He was chosen for the ‘Elite player Game’ for the fourth successive time.

The second half of 2014 and the first half of 2015 were not as profitable for him as his earlier seasons. At first, Kershaw was excluded from the 2015 ‘Elite player Game,’ yet he later participated as a replacement. Thus, it was his fifth straight ‘Elite player Game.’

In the 2016 season, Clayton Kershaw turned into the first ‘Dodger’ to win 6 straight ‘Opening Day’ games started by him. Kershaw additionally recorded his career-best ERA of 1.69. He suffered back pain during this season.

Although he was remembered for the 2016 ‘Elite player Game,’ he was unable to play because of his pain. He was placed on the crippled rundown for a significant stretch.

The 2017 season saw his seventh straight ‘Opening Day’ start and his determination to the seventh straight ‘Top pick Game.’ In July, Clayton Kershaw was placed on the handicapped rundown because of his back issue.

However, he finished the class with a 2.31 ERA and 18 successes. He helped his group win their fifth straight divisional title, and the ‘Dodgers’ entered their first ‘World Series’ in 29 years.

In 2017, Clayton Kershaw played his first ‘World Series.’ Although he remained the alliance’s best pitcher during the regular season, his pitching during the post-season playoffs permitted 8 home runs in his 6 playoff appearances. The ‘Dodgers’ lost the ‘World Series’ to the ‘Houston Astros.’

In the 2018 season, Kershaw was the ‘Opening Day’ starter once more, marking his record eighth opening. However, he was put on the handicapped rundown due to bicep tendonitis and back pain.

His season’s records showed a dip, and thus, his ‘Elite player Game’ appearances finished after 7 sequential years. His group again won an entry to the ‘World Series,’ however, Kershaw fizzled in his two starts. The ‘Dodgers’ were out of the series in 5 games.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw

Family and Personal Life

Clayton Kershaw married Ellen Melson on December 4, 2010. They had concentrated together earlier at the ‘Highland Park High School’ and had dated for 7 years before getting married. Their daughter, Cali Ann, was born in January 2015, and their child, Charley Clayton, was born in November 2016.

On a Christian mission to Zambia (2011) with his wife, Kershaw pledged to construct an orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia. He named it ‘Hope’s Home’ after an 11-year-old HIV patient named Hope, whom he had met in Zambia.

In collaboration with ‘Cure International,’ he keeps on raising assets to help the children of Zambia, especially for their clinical requirements. The couple has established ‘Kershaw’s Challenge’ to help raise assets for some charities, such as ‘Arise Africa,’ ‘Peacock Foundation,’ ‘Mercy Street,’ and ‘I Am Second.’

In 2013, the couple launched ‘Ping Pong 4 Purpose,’ a charity ping-pong tournament to raise assets for several charity causes. In January 2012, they released the book ‘Arise: Live Out Your Faith and Dreams on Whatever Field You Find Yourself.’ His humanitarian work has won him a ‘Roberto Clemente Award’ and a ‘Branch Rickey Award.’

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