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Dawood Ibrahim Networth



Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim

$25 Million
65 years
December 27, 1955
Khed Ratnagiri, Bombay State
5'5'' (163 cm)
Mehjabeen Shaikh (Aka Zubeena Zareen)
November 2020

Dawood Ibrahim is a notorious Indian hoodlum and a designated psychological oppressor, who is the driving force of the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb impacts. Born to a constable of ‘Mumbai Police,’ he experienced childhood in Dongri, Mumbai. Initially, he worked negligible positions, such as fixing vehicles and driving rickshaws.

He started his criminal exercises in his late adolescents, after being associated with the ‘Haji Mastan’ pack. He is also said to have worked with the ‘Karim Lala’ posse. Because of his celebrated fall-out with the ‘Haji Mastan’ group, he formed his own posse, the scandalous ‘D-Company,’ during the 70s.

The organization enjoys ‘hawala’ illegal medication exchange, and arms dealing with more than 25 nations around the world. Somehow, what brought him to cross country acknowledgment was his part in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb impacts, which he had planned with Tiger Memon.

Dawood Ibrahim was declared a “global fear monger” by both the US and the Indian governments and is presently supposed to live in Karachi, Pakistan. One of the most-chased fear mongers in Indian history, Dawood has been on the ‘Most Wanted’ rundown of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) for quite a while.

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim

Childhood and Early Life

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar was born on December 27, 1955, in Khed, a small town in the Ratnagiri area of Maharashtra. His father, Ibrahim Kaskar, worked as a head constable with the ‘Mumbai Police’ and his mother, Amina, was a housewife.

The family moved to Dongri, a Muslim-dominated locality in Mumbai. Raised in a lower working-class family, Dawood had greater dreams since the time he was a kid. Not extremely interested in scholastics, he dropped out of school and started acquiring at an exceptionally youthful age.

He worked as a mechanic and also drove a rickshaw to acquire his living, yet this didn’t fulfill him.

When he reached his adolescents, he had started engaging in insignificant wrongdoings and fakes. He targeted the occupied ‘Crawford Market’ in Mumbai and sold cheap copy watches, tricking individuals with their phony sticker prices.

Numerous grumblings were registered against him. He continued enjoying such trivial wrongdoings till his late teenagers.

The Beginnings

When he was in his late adolescents, the ‘Karim Lala’ pack and the ‘Haji Mastan’ posse had gotten highly notorious, which led a youthful Dawood to hold hands with them. His desire to turn into a hidden world pioneer had him enjoy mellow fights with his gangsters.

Dawood Ibrahim generally fought for Haji Mastan. The renowned pack war between the ‘Haji Mastan’ group and the ‘Pathan’ posse turned him into a feared substance.

When the ‘Pathan’ group killed Sabir, one of Dawood’s brothers, all hell loosened up. Criminal Manya Surve was allegedly involved in the homicide and joined hands with the ‘Pathans’ to fight Dawood and the ‘Haji Mastan’ group. This was one of the deadliest hidden world wars that Mumbai had ever observed.

Dawood wiped out the whole ‘Surve’ and ‘Pathan’ packs along with their companions. Dawood took over the Mumbai posse scene when Haji Mastan entered politics. By then, he had already established the ‘D-Company’ and had moved to Dubai.

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim operated his organizations from Dubai and created the greatest Indian “hawala” racket. Dawood Ibrahim also smuggled arms and medications.

Somewhere in the range of 1983 and 1988, he went out of control and destroyed all significant packs in Mumbai, thereby turning into the undisputed head of the Mumbai hidden world.

He forced the seasoned criminal Karim Lala to go into a détente with him. The ceasefire took place in Mecca. Such widespread killings scared individuals to death, and no other group tried to rival him.

Dawood Ibrahim moved to Dubai in 1986 and allied with the local “sheiks” to strengthen his impact. Dawood Ibrahim loved actuating dread in individuals and before long got one of the most-feared ganglords in Dubai too.

Illegal intimidation

To capitalize on the communal disharmony prevalent in India, especially in Mumbai, Pakistan’s mystery administration organization, the ‘Bury Services Intelligence’ (ISI), joined hands with Dawood in the early 90s.

ISI funded Dawood further and helped him develop. Consequently, Dawood turned into a piece of the plot that intended to annihilate Mumbai’s backbone.

It was Tiger Memon who had planned the Mumbai assaults and the weapons involved in the assault were smuggled to Mumbai through Dawood’s pirating chain. He was also accused to be one of the organizers and financers of the serial shoots that took place on March 12, 1993, and claimed 257 guiltless lives.

Since the time the impacts, he has been on the ‘Most Wanted’ list issued by the Indian government. His alleged contacts with Osama receptacle Laden had him on the USA’s radar too. This had him included on the rundown of global psychological oppressors with USD 25 million as head cash.

Dawood has also been suspected of working alongside each other psychological oppressor association dynamic in the Indian subcontinent. His part in both the 2002 Gujarat riots and the 2008 Mumbai assaults is debated to date.

Indian media association ‘Times Now’ had once claimed that Dawood has been in Karachi, Pakistan, since 2015. A dossier prepared by the Indian government for Pakistan had stated that Dawood had nine homes in Pakistan and 3 identifications to his name.

Bollywood and Cricket

Several Bollywood stars and movie producers have been questioned occasionally about their alleged relations with Dawood Ibrahim . Several news reports during the 80s and the 90s claimed that a couple of makers used hidden world cash to make films.

Reports also claimed that Dawood was in a romantic relationship with Mandakini, a famous Hindi film actor.

Dawood Ibrahim is also said to have indulged in extorting cash from notable entertainment world stalwarts. The homicide of Indian music financier Gulshan Kumar was reported to have been carried out on the sets of Dawood Ibrahim.

Although Dawood had a solid impact in Bollywood, the entertainment world appears to have deserted him after he was alleged to be involved in the 1993 impacts.

One of Dawood’s most loyal gangsters, Chhota Shakeel, had allegedly financed the Bollywood film ‘Chori Chupke,’ yet the allegations were rarely proved. However, it also indicated that there might in any case be some association between the hidden world and Bollywood.

Dawood Ibrahim is known to be a fervent cricket fan and is rumored to have illegally placed wagers on significant cricket matches.

In 2013, previous Indian cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar alleged that during a match between India and Pakistan in Sharjah, in the year 1986, Dawood Ibrahim had entered the Indian changing area and had offered to bless a costly vehicle to each of the players if they beat Pakistan.

Kapil Dev, the then India chief, is said to have treated Dawood inadequately, requesting that he leave the changing area.

Several movies approximately based on Dawood’s life have been released, such as,’ ‘Organization,’ and ‘Some time ago in Mumbai.’

However, it was producer Anurag Kashyap who presented the most brutally honest record of Dawood’s function in the Mumbai impacts, in his film ‘The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving.’ The film remained banned for quite a while and was not released until 2004.

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim Personal Life

Dawood Ibrahim is married to Mehjabeen Shaikh and the couple has four children. One of his daughters, Mahrukh, married Junaid Miandad, child of previous Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad. Another of his daughters, Mehreen, married a Pakistani–American money manager.

His child Moin married Saniya, the daughter of a London-based Pakistani finance manager. He lost one of his daughters, Maria, to an illness in Pakistan, in 2010.

Moin Ibrahim, his lone child, turned into a ‘maulana’ in 2017, and this reportedly didn’t go down well with Dawood. It was said that Dawood was depressed for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time in light of his child’s choice of the path of religion rather than a cushy life…

His sister, Haseena Parkar, who faced monstrous backlash for her brother’s activities, has also been a controversial figure. She lost her husband in a pack war. She has straightforwardly refuted any associations with her brother.

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Robert Durst Networth



Robert Durst

Robert Durst (Robert Alan Durst) is a Jewish-American real home (Durst Organization) heir who is generally suspected to be involved in the vanishing and murder of his first wife, Kathleen McCormack Durst, in 1982 and the homicide of his long-lasting companion, Susan Berman in 2000.

He was also accused of slaughtering his old neighbor, Morris Black, in 2001 and unloading the dismembered body in Galveston Bay. He was acquitted of the homicide charge when he claimed that he accidentally killed Black while protecting himself.

In 2015, with new proof, he was charged with the homicide of Susan Berman and arrested. The trial started in March 2020 however was halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic. His life has inspired a film with Ryan Gosling in the lead and an HBO miniseries.

Robert Durst

Robert Durst

Robert Durst Childhood and Early Life

Robert Alan Durst was born on 12th April 1943, in New York, the US to real bequest investor, Seymour Durst, and his wife, Bernice Herstein. He was the oldest of the four children of the couple.

At the youthful age of seven, Robert Durst lost his mother when she tumbled from the roof of their living arrangement in Scarsdale, New York. He claimed that he had witnessed the shocking episode; however, later his brother Douglas denied it.

When Robert was only ten years old, a psychiatrist’s report mentioned ‘personality deterioration and perhaps even schizophrenia’.

For his education, he went to Scarsdale High School. In 1965, he graduated from Lehigh University with a BA degree in Economics.

He joined the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for a doctoral program; however, left it midways. It was here that he met Susan Berman, the daughter of a mobster, who turned into his lifelong companion.

Marriage With Kathleen and Her Disappearance

In 1971, Robert Durst met Kathleen McCormack, a dental hygenist and the two moved in together in Vermont and opened a health food store. Afterward, he returned to join the family business.

Robert Durst married Kathleen in 1973. He was reportedly savage and controlling in his marriage.

He started seeing Mia Farrow’s sister, Prudence. By 1982, the couple was remaining in discrete homes in Manhattan.

Kathleen wanted to turn into a pediatrician and was a fourth-year understudy of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. However, only a couple of months before she completed her course, she disappeared.

On January 31st, 1982, she was most recently seen at her companion’s party in Connecticut where she appeared irritated and left for her South Salem home after getting a phone call from Durst.

Robert Durst claimed that they had a major fight after which he dropped her at Katonah train station and later addressed her over the telephone.

He filed a missing report five days after the fact after the medical school director informed him that she had called on February first and taken a debilitated leave.

A concierge at her loft reported that he had seen her on first February, yet was uncertain of the character since he had seen from behind and a separation. Durst declined any association in his wife’s vanishing. In 1990, he divorced her, guaranteeing spousal abandonment.

Robert Durst remained a piece of his family business till 1992 when his father selected his more youthful brother Douglas as the designated replacement. He left and stayed at different spots.

Robert Durst

Robert Durst

Murdering of Susan Berman and Morris Black

In 2000, the case was reopened to be investigated as a homicide. Robert Durst furtively moved to a rented condo in Galveston, Texas to dodge the media. He posed as a quiet lady, Dorothy Ciner, and interacted with his landlord exclusively through handwritten notes.

In December 2000, Robert Durst wedded Debrah Charatan, a real home specialist from New York.

Investigators contacted Susan Berman to talk with her concerning McCormack vanishing. However, on 23rd December, Susan Berman was discovered dead by the police. She was shot execution-style at her home in Benedict Canyon, LA.

Following scarcely any days, the Beverly Hills Police Department got a handwritten note with just Berman’s location and ‘corpse’ written in block letter. In it, Beverly was misspelled as Beverley.

On October 9, 2001, Durst was arrested in Galveston for slaughtering his 71 years of age neighbor Morris Black. The body portions of last were discovered coasting in Galveston Bay.

Robert Durst was released on bail yet when he failed to seem a court hearing on 16th October 2001, a capture warrant was issued for him.

Following quite a while of manhunt, he was eventually arrested after he attempted to steal band-helps, a paper, and a sandwich from a supermarket in Pennsylvania notwithstanding having cash in his pocket.

After searching his vehicle, the police discovered $37,000 in cash, two firearms, pot, and Black’s driver’s permit.

In 2003, Durst went on trial for the homicide of Morris Black. He testified that the two men had got engaged in a battle over a handgun in which he accidentally shot Black in the face while shielding himself. He also admitted to dismantling the body and arranging it off in Galveston Bay.

On grounds of self-preservation, he was acquitted from the charges of killing Black on November 11, 2003.

In 2004, Robert Durst pleaded blameworthy to bond bouncing and proof altering and was shipped off jail.

In 2005, while out on parole, he violated the terms of parole and was sent back to prison.

In 1994, Robert had started a legal case to get his family’s wealth. In 2006, he received $65 million to settle the case.

In 2010, the film ‘All Good Things’, depicted a fictionalized form of Robert Durst’s life. After this, he agreed to be interviewed for a six-section HBO series on him.

In 2012, during a gathering with the creators, in a private second off-camera when he didn’t see that the microphone was still on, he stated, ‘What the hell did I do? Killed them all, obviously’.

Susan Berman’s stepson gave the maker a 1999 letter composed by Robert Durst to Berman in which Beverly has misspelled a similar path as in the 2000 ‘dead body’ letter received by the police.

Durst was arrested on charges of Berman’s homicide before the final scene of the series, ‘The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst’ was aired in March 2015. At the hour of his capture, he had in his ownership a weapon, counterfeit ID, latex cover, and more than $40,000 cash.

In 2016, Robert Durst was given 85 months jail term in California after he pleaded blameworthy to weapon charges.

In October 2018, the Los Angeles County Superior Judge determined that there were adequate proofs to attempt Durst for the homicide of Susan Berman. He again pleaded not liable.

In March 2020, his trial in the homicide of Susan Berman started, though it was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aside from the three cases, investigators have also reportedly looked into Durst’s inclusion in the vanishing of 18-year-old Lynne Schulze from Vermont, 16-year-old Karen Mitchell from California, and 18-year-old Kristen Modafferi from San Francisco.

Robert Durst

Robert Durst

Other Information

Robert Durst carried on with his real domain action and sold two properties he had bought in 2011 at $8.65 million for $21.15 million out of 2014. When he was apprehended in 2015, his net worth, as per FBI, was around $100 million.

Since 2015, Robert Durst has been plagued with various medical issues like medical procedures for esophageal disease, getting a shunt installed in his mind for hydrocephalus, and cervical spinal combination.

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Henry Hill Networth



Henry Hill

Henry Hill Jr. was a significant individual from the ‘Lucchese wrongdoing family,’ which executed organized wrongdoing throughout New York City from 1955 to 1980.

Towards the finish of his life, Henry pursued different non-criminal undertakings, such as composing books, painting, selling artworks on eBay, cooking, dealing with an eatery, directing, showing up in TV meetings and talk shows, and so forth These exercises differentiated him from the remainder of the criminals.

He even assisted the FBI in grabbing several criminals, including Paul Vario and James Burke with whom Henry had recently worked. At the hour of his death, Henry was a liberated person, while nearly all of his ex-mafia partners were either convicted or murdered.

Henry’s phenomenal story was documented in the book ‘Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family,’ composed by Nicholas Pileggi. American producer Martin Scorsese later adapted the story into a film and titled it ‘Goodfellas.’

Henry Hill

Henry Hill

Childhood and Early Life

Henry Hill Jr. was born in Manhattan, New York, on June 11, 1943. His father, Henry Hill Sr., worked as a circuit repairman, while his mother, Carmela Costa Hill, was a housewife. Henry was raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn, along with his eight kin in a conventional average climate.

Mobsters like Paul Vario used to socialize close to his home. Their flashy and glitzy lifestyle fascinated Henry, and he decided at a youthful age that he wanted to be a hoodlum like them.

He started working for mobsters like James Burke, and with time, his bond with criminals from ‘Lucchese wrongdoing family’ strengthened. At 14 years old, he dropped out of high school and started working for the hoodlums.

Henry Hill Career

Henry Hill committed his first significant wrongdoing when he set a cabstand ablaze. This cabstand was maintained by Paul Vario’s rival, so the wrongdoing family wanted to annihilate it.

Henry was first arrested at 16 years old when he was caught for utilizing a stolen credit card. Notwithstanding a thorough cross-examination by the police, Henry didn’t unveil anything however his name. This helped him gain the trust and certainty of Vario and Burke. He was therefore bailed out by Vario’s attorney.

He went through the following three years serving in the US armed powers. He later revealed that the move was purposeful as the FBI had started their examination concerning different issues and that he was in danger of being arrested.

Not long before his discharge, Henry was kept inside a stockade as he was involved in different illegal exercises. He even stole the vehicle of a local sheriff while serving in the armed powers.

In 1963, Henry Hill returned to New York and started sorting out wrongdoings. He was involved in pyromania, stealing vehicles, hijacking trucks, and so on In 1967, Henry played a noticeable function in stealing $420,000 from a shipment.

He then distributed a huge measure of cash among his kindred hoodlums. He also offered $120,000 to Paul Vario and used the leftover measure of cash to purchase an eatery. Though the eatery was purchased to start a wrongdoing free life, it ended up turning into the new hub for hoodlums.

Henry Hill was then involved in different illegal medication business as he started selling heroin, cocaine, Maryjane, and quaaludes. In 1980, he was arrested on different charges, including drug dealing.

Henry Hill

Henry Hill

During his stay in jail, Henry came to think about the connivance of his partners, and he was convinced that his kindred criminals were intending to murder him.

He then turned into an FBI source as this was the main logical alternative which he was left with. His statements helped the FBI in making sure about 50 feelings, which thus helped Henry and his family in qualifying for the ‘Federal Witness Protection Program.’

His children Gregg and Gina later mentioned in their book that regardless of the federal insurance, their life was a long way from being quiet.

While the Mafia was attempting to find them, they were also terrified by their father’s behavior as he was inclined to viciousness and was addicted to betting, alcohol, and medications. To spare their lives, they continually moved from one area to the other.

To exacerbate the situation, Henry Hill was expelled from the ‘Witness Protection Program’ as he was unable to control himself from carrying out wrongdoings. In 1990, he and his wife, Karen, separated and later divorced.

He then started filling in as a chef at an Italian eatery in Nebraska. In October 2007, he opened a café named ‘Wiseguys’ in Connecticut. He also invested a ton of energy painting and sold a considerable lot of his canvases on eBay. One of his artistic creations is currently exhibited in ‘The Museum of the American Gangster’ in New York City.

Henry’s final hardly any years were spent in Topanga Canyon, California, where he lived with his life partner Lisa Caserta. He and Lisa appeared in several narratives and TV shows, including ‘The Howard Stern Show.’

Henry Hill was once asked on the off chance that he felt remorseful about lauding his life as a criminal through self-composed books and he replied by saying that he couldn’t have cared less what others had to state as he was making the best choice.

Significant Works

Henry Hill composed several books during his lifetime; some of them were written as a team with other authors. In 2002, he published his book ‘The Wiseguy Cookbook.’ In this book, he had expounded on a couple of plans which he had learned during his childhood. He had also expounded on his life as a hoodlum.

His true to life book ‘The Lufthansa Heist’ was co-authored by Daniel Simone. His book ‘A Goodfella’s Guide to New York,’ which was written in a joint effort with Bryon Schreckengost, was published in 2003. In 2004, his book ‘Hoodlums and Goodfellas,’ written in a joint effort with Gus Russo, was published by M. Evans and Company.

Henry Hill

Henry Hill

Personal Life

Henry Hill met Karen through a mutual companion. When Karen’s folks opposed their relationship, they eloped before getting married in 1965. They later had a formal Jewish wedding service. They had two children – Gregg and Gina. During the initial long periods of their marriage, they lived with Karen’s folks at their home in Lawrence, New York.

For a significant piece of the 1970s, he and his wife were involved in organized wrongdoing, through which they got rich. His wife Karen filed for a separation in 1990 when she discovered that he was having an extramarital undertaking.

After the separation, he married Kelly Alor. He divorced Kelly in 1996 and started a relationship with Lisa Caserta. Henry died on June 12, 2012, because of a heart illness.

The 1990 wrongdoing film ‘Goodfellas,’ featuring Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco was based on Henry Hill’s life. While Henry’s character was portrayed by Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro played the part of James Burke.

In 2010, he told ‘The Telegraph’ that the film fetched him $550,000. The movie, which was directed by Martin Scorsese, was adapted from a book, which too, was based on his life.

On February 14, 2012, Henry Hill was inducted into the ‘Las Vegas Mob Museum.’ ‘The Museum of the American Gangster’ in New York City exhibits one of his compositions and a suit, which was once owned by him.

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