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Elon Musk Networth




Elon Musk

Elon Musk

$98.5 billion
50 years
June 28, 1971
Pretoria, South Africa
6 Ft 2 Inc(188cm)
Business magnate
‎Errol Musk, ‎Maye Musk‎
Talulah Riley, Talulah Riley, Justine Musk
X Æ A-Xii, Nevada Alexander Musk, Kai Musk, Saxon Musk, Griffin Musk, Xavier Musk, Damian Musk
Business magnate
September 2020

Elon Musk is a South African entrepreneur is known to found a big commercial spacecraft in 2012 by Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur born in South Africa, who founded in 1999 (later PayPal), SpaceX in 2002, and Tesla Motors in 2003.

Musk became a millionaire at the end of his 20s when he sold the start-up Zip2 to a Compaq Computers division.

In May 2012, Musk made the headlines when SpaceX launched a rocket to give the International Space Station the first commercial spacecraft.

With the purchase of SolarCity in 2016 he improved his portfolio and cemented his position as a market leader by becoming a consultant in the early days of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Early Life of Elon Musk

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on June 28, 1971. As a boy, Musk was so lost in his daydreams of inventions, he demanded a test for his listening from his parents and physicians.

When he was eleven, Musk became interested in computers at about the time of his parents ‘ divorce. At the age of 12, he taught himself how to program and sold his first software: a game he developed called Blastar.

Elon Musk was short, introverted,, and bookish in high school. He was bullied when he was 15 years old when he was rising when he learned how to protect himself with karate and wrestling.


Elon Musk girlfriend, Maye Musk, is the Canadian model for a Covergirl campaign and the oldest lady. When Musk grew up, at one point she worked five jobs to support her family.

Musk’s father is a rich South African engineer, Errol Musk.

Elon Musk spent his early childhood in South Africa with his brother Kimbal and sister Tosca. At the age of 10, his parents divorced.


Elon Musk moved into Canada at the age of 17 in 1989 to study at Queen’s University to escape compulsory South African military service. That year Musk got his Canadian citizenship, partly because he thought it would be easier to get US citizenship along that road.

In 1992, Musk left Canada for the University of Pennsylvania to study business and physics. He graduated with a degree in economics and completed a second Bachelor in Physics.

After leaving Penn, Musk went to California’s Stanford University for a Ph.D. in energy physics. He left Stanford after two days to become a member of it and started his first business, the Zip2 Corporation in 1995. However, his change was ideally timed with the Internet boom. In 2002, Musk became a U.S. resident.


Zip2 Corporation

Elon Musk launched in 1995 with his brother, Kimbal Musk, his first venture, Zip2 Corporation. Zip2 was soon an online city guide and presented material for both the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. In 1999 the Compaq Computer Company division acquired Zip2 in cash for $307 million and stock options for $34 million.


Elon and Kimbal Musk used the money from their sales to create, an online payments / financial services business, in 1999. The following year, an acquisition led to PayPal being established as it is known today.

Elon Musk won its first billion in October 2002 when PayPal purchased eBay for a portfolio of $1.5 billion. Musk owned 11 percent of PayPal’s stock before sale.


In 2002, Musk formed its third company, the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX to develop commercial spacecraft. In 2008, SpaceX was well known and NASA awarded the company the contract for the international space station for freight transport – with proposals for potential transportation by astronauts – to be relocated to replace NASA’s own space shuttle missions.

Falcon 9 Rockets

On 22 May 2012, the company launched its Falcon 9 rocket with a non-personnel capsule, Musk and SpaceX made history. The ship was transported with 1000 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station for the astronauts stationed there marking the first time a private enterprise had sent a spacecraft to the International Space Station. Musk was quoted on the launch as saying, “I have fantastic luck. It’s like winning the Super Bowl for us.”

In December 2013, a Falcon 9 successfully transported a satellite to a geosynchronous transmission orbit at a distance where the satellite will lock in an orbital direction corresponding to the rotation of the earth. In February 2015, SpaceX launched another Falcon 9 equipped with the DSCOVR Satellite to track the intense sun pollution impacting Earth’s grids and communications networks.

SpaceX saw in March 2017 the successful trial flight and landing of a Falcon 9 rocket made of reusable components, opening the door to more cost-effective space travel.

There was a setback in November 2017 when the company’s latest Block 5 Merlin engine was tested for an explosion. SpaceX announced that nobody has been injured and that the problem would not hamper its expected relocation of a future Falcon 9 rocket generation.

In February 2018, the company had another achievement with the successful test launch of the powerful Falcon Heavy rocket. The Falcon Strong, with additional Falcon 9 boosters, was designed to carry massive payloads in orbit and can be used as a vessel for profound missions. The Falcon Heavy was given a payload of Musk’s cherry-red Tesla Roadster with the aid of cameras for the expected vehicle orbit around the sun to provide “such epic views.”

Space X was able to successfully land in July 2018 on a new Falcon Block 5 rocket that entered a drive ship less than nine minutes after the lift.

BFR Mission to Mars

A 31-engine ghetto with at least 100 passengers capable of carrying a spacecraft was proposed in September 2017 by Elon Musk for its BFR (an acronym of “Big F-ing Rocket” or “Big Falcon Rocket”). He announced that SpaceX planned to launch Mars in 2022, as part of its ultimate aim of colonizing the Red Planet, with the vehicle.

In March 2018, at the South by Southwest Festival, the entrepreneur told the audience in Austin, Texas that he planned to have the BFR ready for short flights early the following year while offering a simple node of his previous problems in meeting time limits.

The following month SpaceX was confirmed to develop and house the BFR at the Port of Los Angeles. The port property was a suitable location for SpaceX because its large-scale rocket is only accessible when completed by barge or ship.

Starlink Internet Satellites

SpaceX was approved by the US Government by the end of March 2018 to launch a fleet of satellites into low orbit to provide Internet access. Starlink will hopefully make broadband infrastructure more available in rural areas while improving competition in densely populated markets, usually dominated by one or two suppliers.

SpaceX launched a first 60-satellite batch in May 2019, followed by another 60-satellite payload in November. While this represented considerable progress on the Starlink sector, the occurrence in the night sky of these bright orbiters with the potential of thousands more worried astronomers, who thought that satellite proliferation would increase the difficulty of studying distant objects in space.

Tesla Motors

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the co-founder, CEO,, and architect of Tesla Motors, a 2003 company dedicated to manufacturing inexpensive, mass electric cars as well as battery devices and solar roofs. Musk oversees the production, engineering,, and design of all products of the company.

Musk’s Tweet and SEC Investigation

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk dropped bombshell in a tweet on 7 August 2018, saying “I’m considering taking Tesla privately at $420. Funding secured,” the note opened the door for the company and its founder to legal action, as the SEC started investigating whether Musk had actually secured the financing as it was claimed. Several investors brought litigation for Musk to manipulate stock markets and embush his tweet at short sellers.

Elon Musk’s tweet first sent Tesla stock spiking, which closed 11 percent the day. The CEO wrote on the company’s blog calling for a move to go “the best way forward” personally, pledging to maintain his interest in the company and adding that he would set up a special fund to benefit all existing investors.

Six days later, Musk sought clarification of his status with a statement that indicated his “funding secured” declaration in discussions with the managing director of the Saudi Arabia Sovereign Wealth Fund. He later tweeted that he was working on a plan to use Tesla as financial advisors with Goldman Sachs and Silver Lake.

The saga took a surreal turn that day when rapper Azealia Banks wrote on Instagram that she heard, when she was a visitor to the home of Musk, that when he cancelled his title recording tweet he had been under the influence of LSD. Banks said it overheard Musk making phone calls to drum up the funding he promised.

The news rapidly became critical once more when Tesla ‘s external managers retained two law firms for the SEC inquiry and the CEO plans to privately take the company.

On August 24, the day after a board meeting, Musk announced he would not take the company privately and had changed his course. Among his reasons was his desire for the exposure of Tesla by the majority of directors and the challenge of keeping those large shareholders forbidden to invest in a private company. Others indicated Musk has had an effect on the poor vision of an electric car business sponsored by a nation heavily involved in the petroleum sector, Saudi Arabia.

It was revealed on 29 September 2018 that Musk will be paying $20 million in fines and resigning as chairman of the Board of Tesla for three years under an arrangement with the SEC.

Inventions and Innovations


In August 2013, Elon Musk unveiled the “Hyperloop,” a proposal for a new method of transport that facilitates transport between major cities, while severely reducing travel time. Ideally immune to the weather and powered by renewable energy, the Hyperloop will push passengers into pots at speeds of more than 700 mph through a network of low pressure tubes. Musk noted that Hyperloop could be designed and ready for use from seven to ten years.

Though he launched Hyperloop with promises it would be safer than an aeroplane or a train, the Musk idea has been skepticized by an estimated $6 billion cost — nearly one-tenth of the California’s proposed rail system cost. The entrepreneur nevertheless tried to facilitate the creation of this concept.

Following the announcement of a team competition to apply their concept for a Hyperloop pod project, the first Hyperloop Pod Competition took place in January 2017 at the SpaceX facility. A German student engineering team set a record speed of 284 mph in 2018, with the same team pushing the record to 287 mph the next year.

AI and Neuralink

Elon Musk has been involved in artificial intelligence and has been co-chair of the OpenAI. In late 2015, the research company started with the stated mission to foster digital intelligence for the good of mankind.

In 2017, it was also reported that Elon Musk sponsored a company called Neuralink, which aims to develop devices for use in the human brain and help people integrate with software. During the July 2019 discussion, he broadened the company’s success by showing that its products would consist of a microscopic chip that connects through Bluetooth to a smartphone.

High-Speed Train

At the end of November 2017, when Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel asked us to propose a high-speed railway line to be constructed and operated which would take passengers in 20 minutes from O’Hare Airport to downtown Chicago, Elon Musk tweeted to be all-in to the rivalry with The Boring Company. He said the idea of the Chicago loop is different from his Hyperloop, since its relatively short path does not need a vacuum to be drawn to avoid the friction of air.

In the summer of 2018, Musk revealed that he will spend $1 billion to dig the 17-mile tunnel from the airport to the city centre of Chicago. At the end of 2019, however, he tweeted TBC ‘s intention to complete the Las Vegas commercial tunnel before shifting to other projects, signalling that proposals for Chicago will remain in limbo in the near future.

Relationship with Donald Trump

Elon Musk was named President Donald Trump ‘s Strategy and Policy Platform in December 2016 and joined Trump‘s Manufacturing Employment Initiative in January. After Trump’s election, Musk joined the new president and his advisors as the president revealed plans to implement major infrastructure improvements.

While sometimes in contrast with the divisive steps the president has taken, such as a proposed ban on immigration from Muslim majority countries, Musk argued for his role in the new administration. “My priorities,” he tweeted in early 2017, “are to speed up the transformation of the planet to renewable energy and enable humanity to become a multi-plane civilisation, which will contribute to the development of hundreds of thousands of jobs and an exciting future for everyone.”

On 1 June, Elon Musk left his advisory positions after Trump announced that he had withdrawn the US from the Paris climate agreement.

Personal Life

Wives and Children

Elon Musk was twice married. In 2000, he married Justine Wilson and the couple had six kids together. In 2002, their first son died from the sudden infant death syndrome ( SIDS) at the age of 10 weeks. The other five were Musk and Wilson: Griffin and Xavier (born 2004) and Kai, Saxon and Damian (born 2006).

Following Wilson’s turbulent divorce, Musk met actress Talulah Riley. In 2010, the pair married. They divorced in 2012, but in 2013 they married again. Their partnership ended in 2016 with divorce.


Elon Musk was confirmed to have started to date Amber Heard in 2016 after his divorce ended with Riley and Heard finished his divorce with Johnny Depp. Their busy schedules led the pair to break up in August 2017; in January 2018 they were back together and a month later separated again.

Elon Musk started the dating of Grimes (born Claire Boucher) in May 2018. That month, Grimes had reportedly changed her name to “c,” the light speed sign, for Musk to be encouraged. Fans criticised the feminist artist for dating a billionaire, a business whose allegations of sexual assault involve a “predator zone.”

They spoke of their love for each other in a March 2019 storey in the Wall Street Journal Magazine, saying “Look, I love him, he ‘s amazing … I mean he’s an amazing goddamn guy.” Musk told the Journal, for his part, “I love wild fae creative imagination and overly intense working ethics.”

Grimes bore their son the 4th May 2020 with Musk announcing that the child had been named “X to A-12.” Later in the month, when the State of California was recorded not recognising a numerical name, the couple told the kid to change the name of their son to “X to A-Xii.”

Nonprofit Work

The infinite potential of space exploration and the protection of the human race ‘s future have become the centre of Elon Musk long term interest and he founded the Musk Foundation for the discovery of alternative and clean energy sources, which is committed to space science.

In October 2019, Elon Musk contributed $1 million to the initiative # TeamTrees to plant 20 million trees worldwide by 2020. For the reason, he also changed his Twitter name to Treelon.


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John Kluge Networth




john kluge

John Kluge, The German-American merchant (September 21, 1914 – September 8, 2010) became a billionaire in the US television industry. He was once the wealthiest individual in the United States.

The early life of John Kluge

john kluge

john kluge

John Kluge was born to a Presbyterian family in Chemnitz, Germany, and emigrated to the United States in 1922. He received his B.A. The University of Columbia graduated in economics in 1937. Kluge attended Wayne State University for two years before attending Columbia University. His ancestry was Scottish-Irish, English, and German.

John Kluge served in underground P.O. during World War II. Box 1142 External Interrogation Center, D.C.

Metromedia and Metromedia Company

In the mid-1950s John Kluge’s main move into the media was to buy stocks in the Metropolitan Broadcasting Corporation. The Metropolitan Broadcasting Corporation succeeded the DuMont Television Network that, when the television network came to an end in 1956, was spun off from the DuMont Laboratories.

Metropolitan Broadcasting consisted of two stations, WABD in New York City and WTTG in Washington, D.C., which now operates as independent stations, both former DuMont outlets. As its Board Chairman and largest shareholder, John Kluge joined the company in 1958, acquiring the bulk of its shares by Founder Allen B. DuMont for approximately USD 6 million.

After gaining control in 1959, John Kluge started to expand into broadcasting with TV and radio holdings. In the early ’60s, Kluge acquired an outdoor advertising company and, in 1961, Metromedia was renamed to reflect its diversity.

In 1986, John Kluge sold 20th Century Fox (then ruled by the News Corporation) the Metromedia television stations, at $4 billion. Later on, these stations would form the core of Fox’s television network (spun off from News Corporation/20th Century Fox with Fox Corporation decades later). Forbes ranked Kluge as the richest man in America the following year.

The management of Metromedia under orders from Kluge destroyed the videotapes in retaliation for a prosecution brought against Paul Winchell, who sought rights to his children’s television program, “Winchell-Mahoney Time.” Later, Winchell was awarded almost $18 million to compensate for the capricious behavior of Metromedia.

Following the disposal of Fox, the activities of Kluge have been carried out by a private company called Metromedia Corporation with Stuart Subotnick as a partner. Metromedia’s most recent activities include East European, the Commonwealth of the Independent States, and China telecom/cable/radio ventures, via the Metromedia Group and Metromedia Fiber Network, a fateful US telecommunications backbone operation.

In July 2008, the Metromedia Restaurant Group, which belongs to the Metromedia Company, closed more than 300 restaurants in Bennigan, Steak, and Ale. The original team operators of the New York / New Jersey MetroStars Major League Soccer franchise were also Kluge and partner Stuart Subotnick.


John W. Kluge Center

To mark its 200th anniversary, John Kluge donated an incredible $60 million to create the John W. Kluge Center at the Congress Library. It was designed as an academic center where active senior scholars and post-doctoral fellows may gather to utilize the incomparable collections of the library and engage with members of the US Congress. Besides, his donation will be awarded a $1 million reward, equivalent to the Nobel Prize in Literature and Economics, for the achievement of life in the Humanities. The Kluge Award will reward the academic success of life in the same way that the Kennedy center awards recognize the performing arts of a lifetime.

University of Columbia

Kluge gave Columbia University over $510 million. Kluge donated over $110 million to Columbia University between 1987 and 1993, acknowledging the scholarship funds he was able to attend, mainly to offer financial assistance to undergraduates from disadvantaged backgrounds. His donations also allow many of these students to pursue their doctoral studies after they graduate through funding.

On April 11, 2007, Lee C. Bollinger, Chairman of Columbia University, announced a donation from Kluge of 400 million dollars to the University upon the donor’s death. This donation is the fourth largest contribution to a higher education organization in the United States, all for financial support. This is the biggest commitment ever to assist students solely of any individual higher education institution in the United States.

Virginia University

In December 1997 John Kluge donated to the University of Virginia his world-class collection of autochthonous Australian paintings. This donation led the University of Virginia to create the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum, the first museum in the U.S. to study and present Aboriginal Australian art and culture.

In 2001, Kluge donated his 7,378 acres (29.86 km) estate to the University of Virginia in Albemarle County, Virginia. The land, worth over $45 million, was the largest donation in the history of the University. UVa held workshops and seminars in different buildings and on the Morven Farm to ensure that land grants are included in their different courses. Many developments are underway to enhance the farm and make it part of Charlottesville’s landscape.

In 2009 he contributed $3 million to the University to promote compassion at the end of life.

Personal life

Kluge was a collector and owner of works by famous artists, including Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri.

Kluge was awarded the Golden Plate Award in 1983 by the American Academy of Arts.

Four times, Kluge was married. Theodora Thomson Townsend, his first wife, Yolanda Galardo Zucco, Patricia Maureen Rose, and Maria Tussi Kuttner, was his second. In the 1990 divorce settlement, Patricia Kluge retained her estate in Albemarle, which was converted into award-winning viticulture and winery that opened in 1999.

She borrowed 65 million dollars in loans and mortgaged the mansion to fund the expansion of production and a related real-estate company. Kluge had three daughters, Joseph, whom he accepted, Samantha, Zucco, Jr, and Rose, Jr. It also had two steps, Diane and Jeanette Brophy, and Peter Lockwood Townsend, who remained a part of his life until his death. He lived with his fourth partner, Maria Tussi Kluge, at his death in 2010, in New Rochelle, New York, Virginia, and Palm Beach, Florida.

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Denis O’Brien Networth




denis o'brien

Denis O’Brien (born 19 April 1958) is an Irish multi-billionaire and Communicorp ‘s founder and owner. In 2015 he was among the top 200 billionaires in the world and also the wealthiest native citizen of Ireland.

O’Brien also included aviation rental (Aergo Capital), utility support (Actavo), petroleum (Topaz Oil, until 2016), and football ( soccer)

Which he retained as a minority shareholder in Celtic F.C .. O’Brien had an insufficient effect on the Moriarty Tribunal’s decision to grant the Esat Digifone consortium, which it led.

Early life of Denis O’Brien

O’Brien was born in Cork City and grew up in Dublin’s Ballsbridge district. His father was a veterinarian salesman and he always accompanied his dad on business trips, where he learned how to “sell and present.” He attended High School in Rathgar and while his potential for rugby was stopped due to disciplinary issues, he was called back so he could play in a school championship.

He studied philosophy, history and logic and graduated in 1977 from the University College Dublin. In 1982 he graduated with an MBA in Corporate Finance from Boston College while attending UCD. After returning to Dublin, he worked at a local bank as an assistant manager, but he resigned and became a personal assistant to Tony Ryan, the owner of an aircraft rental business.


O’Brien has been in information technology and mass media sectors for the most part of his career. He was also a part owner of energy firms, aerospace companies and manufacturing services.
Communication corpus

O’Brien is the director of Communicorp, a European media holding firm. It began its business in Ireland in 1989 with independent radio stations, such as the Newstalk and Today FM, which spread to markets in Eastern European countries and later sold some of its stations to local operators. In 2014, Communicorp expanded into the UK and bought eight radio stations nationwide; in 2017, Communicorp transferred its UK radio stations to a new independent corporation, Communicorp UK, 98 per cent of which were owned by O’Brien.

Telecom Esat and Digifone Esat

In 1991, in rivalry with the state-owned Telecom Eireann, O’Brien set up a telecommunications consortium known as Esat Telecom. Esat founded Esat Digifone in collaboration with Telenor, Norwegian state telecom operator, which successfully applied for the second GSM mobile licence in Ireland. Circumstances surrounding Esat Digifone’s licencing became the focus of the Moriarty Tribunal.

The first public bid was conducted by Esat Telecom Group plc on 7 November 1997 and coded in the Irish Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. In 2000, Telenor bid the company for ownership, but O’Brien sold it to BT, which was reportedly €250 million out of revenue.

Capital of Aergo

In 1999, O’Brien co-founded Aergo Capital aircraft rental company, of which he held an 80 % stake. From its establishment until 2014, Aergo has traded more than 150 aircraft worth over €791 million (around $1 billion) grossly. O’Brien and his partner, Fred Browne, sold the company in October 2014 to the United States investment company CarVal; Browne remained the new company’s chief executive officer.

Independent Media and Reporting

O’Brien started buying shares of Independent News & Media (INM) in the late 2000s, and subsequently spent € 500 million to collect 29.9 percent of its shareholdings. O’Brien confronted the management board, particularly former owner Tony O’Reilly, who retired as CEO in 2009 and sold much of his INM shares in 2014. The second largest shareholder at the time, O’Brien and Dermont Desmond, sold their shares to the Belgian media company Mediahuis in April 2019; O’Brien earned €43,5 m as part of the contract.

While he never had a majority interest in INM, O’Brien was frequently accused of controlling the company significantly. In 2014, it was reported that Stephen Rae, a group editor at INM, ordered amendments to a column containing a reference to O’Brien from Sunday Independent editor Anne Harris. In 2015, Paul Meagher, an O’Brien lawyer, allegedly applied in 2012 to INM Attorney Simon McAleese in order to block an environmental affairs affair, Phil Hogan.

In March 2018, the Office of the Director of Corporate Compliance (ODCE) in Ireland appointed independent news and media inspectors to investigate an alleged data infringement in the High Court of Ireland. According to an affidavit submitted by the ODCE, Blaydon Limited discharged invoices for data interrogation.

Independent News & Media was sold to the Belgian Mediahuis group in June 2019, and de-listed from Euronext Dublin, thus ending the group participation of O’Briens. It has been estimated that he has lost over €450 m of his INM investment in total.

The digital dialect

In 2001, O’Brien founded the Caribbean, South America and Asia Pacific telecommunications business Digicel. O’Brien used Digicel to create a wireless network in Jamaica with cash from his sale of Esat Telecom. Digicel extended into the South Pacific in the same year. Digicel worked in 31 countries as of 2019.

O’Brien has founded the Digicel Foundation along with Digicel, which has been partnering with local groups to improve community programmes, establish schools and health facilities, and encourage recovery. Following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, O’Brien promised € 3.5 million to fund recovery efforts. In 2012 , President Michel Martelly of Haiti awarded the Order of Honor and Merit of O’Brien for his investments, achievements, and promotion to the region, and in 2015 O’Brien was awarded honorary membership for his service of the telecommunications industry in the country to the Order of Jamaica.

Digicel was involved in a big court struggle during the 2000s against the Jamaican Office of Utilities Control (OUR). The issue originally arose following Phillip Paulwell, the then Minister of Business , Trade and Technology of Jamaica, who instructed OUR to avoid intervening in Digicel’s pricing policies after DIGICEL had instructed itself to amend its interconnectivity charges.

Though Paulwell was ruled unconscious of having the power to give the instruction OUR, Digicel appealed the ruling without success at the Supreme Court of Jamaica, which overturning the ruling but was subsequently upheld by the Court of Appeal following a counter-appeal by OUR and at the Privy Council of Jamaica.

In January 2014 the telecommunications correspondent of the Financial Times wrote about O’Brien’s aim of extending Digicel to include mobile and fixed-line networks for the next generation, with O’Brien quoted as being inspired by the possibility of ‘a shift in world order.’

Actavo Study

In 2012 O’Brien acquired IBRC for €45 million from Siteserv, a provider of utilities; in 2015, it was renamed Actavo. Actavo was purchased and managed on the Isle of Man by the O’Brien business Millington.

In 2016, Actavo expanded to the United States by purchasing a structural engineering company, Atlantic Engineering Services. Actavo has assisted in the construction of Digicel’s fibre networks in the Caribbean.

Energy Topaz

In December 2013, O’Brien acquired the Irish Bank Resolution Company € 300 million in debt owed by Topaz Oil. In December 2014, Kendrick Investments, Topaz ‘s parent company , announced it will buy all of Esso ‘s Irish operations.

Alimentation Couche-Tard, a Canadian convenience store, announced in December 2015 that it was preparing to purchase Topaz. The sales were concluded in February 2016; Topaz employed over 2000 people and at the time of sale almost 35 percent of Ireland’s consumer market.

Career economic and financial

O’Brien, along with Bill Gates and George Soros, participated in the winter meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

O’Brien was appointed Director of the Bank of Ireland in 2000 and Deputy Governor of the Bank in September 2005. In September 2006 he resigned as deputy governor as well as as a member of the court of the bank (board). O’Brien is said to have resigned because of increased demands in connexion with his foreign business interests.


Between 2008 and 2016 O’Brien given up to € 12 million for paying salary of senior officials in the organisation, including Giovanni Trapattoni, to the Football Association of Ireland (FAI). O’Brien has been named Honorary Life Chairman of the Ireland Football Association (FAI) in 2018.

In 2006, O’Brien bought a 2.82% stake in Celtic F.C, based in Glasgow. Martin O’Neill, former boss. O’Brien officially increased its stake to 13 percent by June 2018.

Additional preferences

O’Brien acquired Planal SA in 1998, the holding company for the golf resort Quinta do Lago in Portugal.

O’Brien sponsored the 2003 World Summer Special Olympics Games, which he served as Chairman of the Organizing Committee and later as Chair of the Patrons Board.

O’Brien is a director of Concern Worldwide, a humanitarian relief agency, on the United States Board.

O’Brien worked in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, O’Brien worked on reconstructing the Iron Market in Port-au – Prince along with the CGI Haïti Action Network and Digicel Haiti Foundation. O’Brien was elected Mayor Jean Yves Jason in 2010 Ambassador of Goodwill for the City of Port-au – Prince, Haiti who cited O’Brien’s disaster recovery assistance after the earthquake.

In 2012, O’Brien was awarded a Clinton Global Citizen Award by the former United States. President Bill Clinton, largely because of his contributions in disaster relief in Haiti. In the 18 months following the earthquake, he also contributed to the development of 50 primary and secondary schools. In September 2016, Republican President Donald Trump then sent an e-mail to condemn the relationship between Hillary Clinton and O’Brien, on which O’Brien refused to comment.

O’Brien was a Trilateral Commission member. O’Brien contributed €2.500 to the Irish presidential election campaign of independent candidate Mary Davis in 2011.

Relationship with the media

denis o'brien

denis o’brien

In 2012, O’Brien reportedly threatened Vincent Browne’s journalist and broadcaster for comments that O’Brien claimed were defamatory in Browne’s papers. The Sunday Independent dismissed the lawsuit as a “fear of financial disaster.”

In February 2013, O’Brien sued the Irish Daily Mail for defamation of his various storeys in RTÉ about relief efforts following the earthquake in Haiti. O’Brien won €150,000 from the court. The case was the first time since the defamation law in 2009 was enforced, a journalist had sought to use truthful opinion advocacy before a jury at the High Court.

In August 2015, Colm Williamson, the editor-in – chief of the satirical Waterford Whispers News website, received instructions from O’Brien to delete a satirical article about O’Brien. Lawyers for O’Brien have requested that reproduce the article.

In 2019, O’Brien launched a campaign to defame the Sunday Business Post about the articles written in the March 2015 newspaper. The reports, which reported on a confidential Price WaterhouseCoopers (PwC) study to the Government on the disclosure of Ireland’s banks in 2008 in November 2008, listed O’Brien as one of Ireland’s 22 largest creditors in 2008.

O’Brien argued that the articles defamed him and hurt him and also alleged that the publishing was malicious. In the defendant’s favour, the jury ruled the case dismissed with a cost order against O’Brien.

Personal Life

O’Brien married Catherine Walsh in August 1997, who helped Communicorp develop into the Czech Republic and who used to be the marketing manager for independent radio sales. The couple ‘s got four kids.

O’Brien set up the Iris O’Brien Foundation in June 2000, named after his wife, through which he co-ordinates much of his philanthropic activities. UCD awarded an honorary doctorate to O’Brien in 2006.

Wealth and residences

Forbes predicts O’Brien ‘s fortune at around $3.2 billion by February 2020.

Some time after his purchase of Quinta do Lago in 1998, O’Brien sold his house in Dublin before the sale of Esat Telecom to BT in 2000 and established a primary residence in Portugal. Media reports have indicated that the move was instigated by an established capital gain tax exemption in the Irish-Portuguese tax treaty, which supposedly saved O’Brien approximately 63 million euros in tax.

During the flotation of Digicel on the New York Stock Exchange, O’Brien ‘s residential address was listed on a March 2006 filing to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) as Sliema, Malta. While O’Brien kept quiet about his change of address, the media reported that the lack of property or income taxation on the Mediterranean island was the main reason.

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Mo Ibrahim Networth




Mo Ibrahim

Mo Ibrahim, full-time Mohammed Ibrahim (b. 1946, Sudan), Sudan-born British entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded one of Africa’s largest cellular telephony companies and established the Ibrahim multi-million – dollar Africa Leadership Achievement Award.

Ibrahim, the clerk’s uncle, grew up in Sudan. He moved to Egypt with his family to obtain an engineering degree from the University of Alexandria.

He went back to Sudan to work as an engineer for Sudan Telecom, the state-owned telecommunications company.

He moved to England in 1974 where he graduated from Bradford University in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and from Birmingham University in motive communications, where he also taught.

Early life

The Sudanese-British milliardaire businessman is Mohammed “Mo” Ibrahim, born on 3 May 1946 and born on 3 May 1946. It worked for many telecom companies before forming Celtel, which sold in 14 African countries had more than 24 million mobile subscribers.

After selling Celtel for 3,4 billion dollars in 2005, he founded the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to promote better governance in Africa and develop a Mo Ibrahim Index to assess the output of nations. He is also a member of the London Business School Regional Advisory Board for Africa.

In 2007, he introduced the Mo Ibrahim Award for African Leadership, awards $5 million for the initial payment and an annual life payment of $200,000 to African Heads of State providing their constituents with stability, health, education, and economic development, and democratically transferring power to the next generation. Ibrahim vowed to give charity at least half his wealth by entering The Donation Pledge.

According to the Billionaire List of Forbes 2011, Mo Ibrahim is worth $1.8 billion, making it the world’s 692nd richest individual. Mo Ibrahim was also chosen for the Period “Top 100” ranking in 2008, ranking first in the prominent Black Britons’ annual Powerlist.

He was born on 3 May 1946, of Nubian descent in north Sudan, the second of five children, four children being boys. When he was young, his family moved to Alexandria, Egypt, and Fathi Father was employed by a cotton company, and Aida’s mother was very eager to get a good education for all.

Ibrahim received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Alexandria University. He returned to Sudan and began working for Sudan Telecom, the telecommunications company. He moved to England and received a master’s degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Bradford and a Ph.D. in Mobile Communications from the University of Birmingham.

In 2007 Ibrahim received an honorary Ph.D. from the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London and an honorary Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

In 2008, Ibrahim ranked first on the annual power list of the most powerful Black Britons, and is claimed to be the “most stronger Blackman in Britain.”

Ibrahim was for a time employed by British Telecom and was later appointed technical director of the British Telecom subsidiary Cellnet.

Ibrahim taught telecommunications undergraduate courses at Thames Polytechnic in the early 1980s, which later became Greenwich University.

In 1989 he founded MSI, a software and consulting business that was purchased by the Marconi Business in 2000. The company initially helped the wireless industry to establish its networks before mobile phones were pushed into the late 1990s. MSI hired 800 people, who had about 30% of its stock at the point of sale; Ibrahim says that he gave the workers stock as a bonus.

In 1998, MSI split into Africa MSI-Cellular Investments, later called Celtel.

After many years, when Celtel needed a long-term capital source, they thought about an IPO on a reputable stock exchange, such as the London Stock Exchange. When it became public that they considered a public bid, they were given several alternatives. Many of them wanted to purchase the business, and Ibrahim and his team agreed to sell Celtel to the mobile telecommunication company (now Zain) based in Kuwait in 2004.

Since 2010, Ibrahim has given funding to the Digital Development Broadband Committee, an effort by the UN to disseminate the full benefits of broadband networks to unconnected communities.

Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Mo Ibrahim

Mo Ibrahim

Ibrahim founded the Mo Ibrahim Foundation in London in 2006. The Foundation launched in 2007 the Mo Ibrahim Award for African Leadership, with former President Joaquim Chissano of Mozambique as its first recipient.

It publishes the Ibrahim African Governance Index, which rates all 54 African countries. Until 2009, the index only took account of the 48 Sub-Saharan African nations.

The Foundation runs bursary services at Birmingham University, SOAS, and the London Business School. These bursaries deal with International Development at the University of Birmingham, African Development Governance at SOAS, and an MBA at the London Business School. The bursaries are opened to African candidates, Master’s, and postgraduates alike.

Personal life

In 1973, Ibrahim married Hania Morsi Fadl, a graduate of Alexandria University, who he has known since his childhood. They are now divorced and Fadli is a Sudanese British radiologist who runs Sudan’s only breast cancer clinic.

There is a daughter, Hadeel Ibrahim, executive director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, vice president, Clinton Foundation board member, and two sons Hosh and Sami Ibrahim.

Ibrahim is living in the UK.

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