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Eric Clapton Networth



Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

$300 Million
76 years
March 30, 1945
6'0" (184 cm)
guitarist, singer, and songwriter
Edward Walter Fryer, Patricia Molly Clapton
Melia McEnery, Pattie Boyd (M. 1979–1988)
Ella May, Julie Rose, Ruth Kelly, Sophie Belle
guitarist, singer, and songwriter
November 2020

Eric Clapton is a British vocalist, musician other than being a guitarist. He is notable for the scores like ‘Daylight of Your Love’ and ‘Before You Accuse Me’. In his early life, he has performed with The Roosters.

His nearby association with The Yardbirds brought about an effective score ‘For Your Love’. During his exhibition with The Yardbirds, he was nicknamed ‘Slowhand’. He set up himself as a talented guitarist during his exhibition with the Bluesbreakers.

His second epithet ‘God’ was given during his presentation with this band. His relationship with the band Cream helped him to demonstrate his skill as a multitalented individual who can sing, make melody and play guitar.

The joined exertion of Eric and this band incorporates hit scores like Sunshine of Your Love’, ‘White Room’ and ‘Junction’. He is the originator of the band Blind Faith. The score ‘Daylight of Your Love’ is the ideal case of his exceptional guitar sound, prevalently known as the ‘lady tone’.

As the victor of seventeen Grammy Awards, this famous personality has languished over his illicit drug use and liquor abuse. After his recuperation, he has set up the Crossroads Center in West Indies. It works for the restoration of substance victimizers.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

Childhood and Early Life

Born in Surrey, England, Eric Patrick Clapton was the child of Patricia Molly Clapton, a 16-year-old unmarried young lady, and Edward Walter Fryer, a Canadian officer who served during World War II.

After his introduction to the world, when his father got back to his wife in Canada, Eric was raised by Patricia’s folks. Even though they never embraced him lawfully, yet they went about as his lawful gatekeeper till 1963.

Eric Clapton got his early instruction from Hollyfield School in Surbiton. Afterward, he went to the Kingston College of Art. Shockingly, the school authority excused him for his carelessness towards craftsmanship. From this time, he built up an interest in blues.

Eric Clapton Career

In the early time of 1963, he joined The Roosters, a band. However, in August 1963, when the band separated, he began proceeding as a feature of Casey Jones and The Engineers.

His relationship with The Yardbirds began in October 1963. In the following year, he performed for this band at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Afterward, he recorded his single ‘Great Morning Little Schoolgirl’ with this band.

The band got gigantic accomplishment after the arrival of ‘For Your Love’, a solitary. Even though he played guitar during the presentation of this tune, he was against utilizing business sound in this score.

In the wake of leaving The Yardbirds in 1965, he joined John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. His presentation with this band brought him acknowledgment as a guitarist. Around then, he visited Greece for a brief period with The Glands, a band.

After his return, Eric Clapton recorded ‘Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton’, a collection with the Bluesbreakers. In 1966, he likewise proceeded as a component of the Powerhouse, a British blues studio super gathering.

In the wake of leaving the Bluesbreakers in July 1966, he joined Ginger Baker’s recently shaped band Cream. This band gave him the occasion to demonstrate his probability as an artist, lyricist, and guitarist.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

From 1968 to 1969, Eric Clapton assumed an essential part in the chronicle of the band’s effective scores like ‘Daylight of Your Love’, ‘White Room’, and ‘Intersection’. Alongside George Harrison, he co-composed ‘Badge’, a studio single for the Cream’s last collection ‘Farewell’.

Afterward, he shaped Blind Faith, a British blues musical gang that delivered a collection of a similar name in 1969. After the separation of this band, he went on a melodic tour with Delaney and Bonnie and Friends.

In the exact year, he performed at a pledge drive program for UNICEF in London. Enlivened by Delaney Bramlett, he began singing and forming tunes. In relationship with Bramlett, he recorded melodies for the collection, ‘Music From Free Creek’.

In 1970, Eric Clapton recorded his first independent collection ‘Eric Clapton’ that got wide affirmation. This year, he shaped Derek and the Dominos. With this band, he delivered ‘Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs’.

In 1974, his collection ‘461 Ocean Boulevard’ showed up. It contains mainstream singles like ‘I Shot the Sheriff’. The accomplishment of this collection began his thriving performance career.

In the following year, he delivered ‘There’s One in Every Crowd’, his new collection. In the wake of delivering a few of his collections, he performed for an independent collection named, ‘The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking’.

Significant Works

Eric Clapton delivered his collection ‘Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs’ in November 1970. Because of the collection’s colossal prevalence, it accomplished the sixteenth situation on Billboard’s Pop Album diagram.

Awards and Achievements

Alongside Michael Kamen, his surprising arrangement of score for the 1985 BBC TV spine-chiller sequential ‘Edge of Darkness’ acquired him a British Academy Television Award.

His collection ‘Understudy’ showed up in 1989. The collection presents mind-blowing blues melodies like ‘Before You Accuse Me’. He got the 1990 Best Male Rock Vocal Performance Grammy Award for the collection’s score ‘Bad Love’.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

Personal Life and Legacy

Eric Clapton married Patty Boyd in 1979. During their married life, he built up a romantic relationship with Yvonne Kelly with whom he had a girl, Ruth. He didn’t uncover the introduction of Ruth till 1991.

Eric and Boyd separated in 1988, because of his liquor addiction and his relationship with Italian model Lory Del Santo. With Santo, he had a child, Conor. He was later engaged with various connections.

In 2001, Eric Clapton little girl Julie Rose was born. Julie’s mother is Melia McEnery whom he married at a congregation in Surrey, in 2002. They have two additional little girls, Ella Mae and Sophie.


This music maestro experienced a troublesome stage in his life because of his heroin fixation and the explanation of his medication utilization was the only business disappointment of his collection ‘Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs’.

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