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Drug Trafficker

George Jung Networth



George Jung

George Jung

$10 thousand
79 years
August 6, 1942
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
5'10'' (178 cm)
Drug Trafficker
Frederick Jung, Ermine Jung
Mirtha Jung
Kristina Sunshine Jung
November 2020

George Jung is an American previous runner and medication dealer, known as one of the unmistakable names in the cocaine exchange in the U.S. during the 1970s and the early 1980s. Born and raised in Massachusetts, George didn’t have a solid scholastic background. In his high school years, he was arrested for sales of prostitution.

Following his high-school graduation, he joined the ‘College of Southern Mississippi’ yet dropped out soon. In his late adolescent years, he started utilizing Maryjane and offering it to make some profit. He came in touch with a companion and started pirating Maryjane from California to New England.

He before long started pirating drugs through flights from California to Boston. The business boomed, and George developed richly. However, in 1974, he was arrested in Chicago.

While in jail, he met another medication dealer and stepped into the matter of cocaine exchange, flying cocaine from Pablo Escobar’s Colombian ranch into the U.S. George made millions preceding getting arrested again in the last part of the 1980s.

However, he didn’t stop the business and was arrested again during the 1990s. He was released from jail in 2017.

George Jung

George Jung

Childhood and Early Life

George Jacob Jung was born on August 6, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., to Fred and Ermine Jung. Not long after he was born, the family moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts, where George started going to school.

He was not a bright understudy and invested the vast majority of his energy playing football, turning into a headliner in the group. He was described by his colleagues as an individual who had all the qualities of a natural chief.

He was raised in a lower-working class family. It impacted his childhood, and he started enjoying frivolous wrongdoings as a young person. He was concentrating in ‘Weymouth High School’ when he was arrested unexpectedly, for requesting a whore who turned out to be a covert cop. He was in jail for some time yet was released soon.

He somehow graduated high school with horrible scores. He then attended the ‘College of Southern Mississippi,’ where he pursued a bachelor’s certificate in publicizing. However, he before long lost interest in education and dropped out of school.

By then, he had started utilizing cannabis. Once, when partying with certain companions in California, he offered them weed. One of his companions discovered it to be of high quality and came to realize that George had bought it at a low rate. He told George that he could sell the weed in Boston at a much higher value, thus making heaps of profit.

He traveled to Boston and sold weed for a little profit initially. Before long, he started purchasing Maryjane from California and selling it in Boston routinely. This little undertaking had him bringing in a ton of cash, which he spent partying. This was the start of his raid into wrongdoing.

George Jung  Crime Life

This small endeavor of his immediately turned into a full-time business. He would stack cannabis in his bag and make almost around $200 for each kilo he sold. Back then, he also had a sweetheart who worked as a flight stewardess. She helped him go unchecked at the air terminal security. Before long, he turned into an acclaimed drug peddler in Boston.

However, his usual way of doing things was still very small. The demand for pot developed, yet he needed more supplies. He was purchasing weed from go-betweens in California and selling them in Boston for some profit.

He discovered that the weed originated from Mexico, and he decided to connect with the provider. He traveled to Mexico to expand his medication business.

In 1968, he arrived in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Initially, he thought that it was hard to find the individual he was searching for. The way that he didn’t express an expression of Spanish made things more dangerous for him.

Eventually, he met a young lady, who made him meet his sweetheart, a notable street pharmacist. The man suggested George approaches to handily sneak enormous quantities of medications into Boston.

This was the start of a course of action that changed the substance of medication utilization in the U.S.A. Around 700 pounds of weed was brought from Mexico to California and were later headed to Amherst, Massachusetts, in enormous vehicles.

George Jung

George Jung

There were numerous go-betweens in the deal. George considered the vehicle drivers superfluous. He before long took charge of driving the medication filled vehicles himself.

He also earned a pilot’s permit after some time and flew in cannabis through planes. The business developed quickly, and he also started stealing planes to add to his business. Hence, by the early 1970s, George had gotten exponentially rich.

While George Jung was wary from the outset, he got pompous with time. Before long, he started leading his business unmitigatedly. By the mid-1970s, he was making a fourth of 1,000,000 dollars each month. However, his absence of alert had him arrested for sneaking soon.

In 1974, one of his bootleggers was caught by the police. The man revealed George’s name. George was partying in Chicago when the police raided the function and arrested him. Around 660 pounds of marijuana were confiscated from him.

Though cannabis was not deemed perilous, one of George’s bootleggers was also dealing in heroin, which turned into the explanation behind the severe activity.

George Jung was kept in ‘Danbury Prison,’ where he came in touch with numerous financial specialists. He had Carlos Lehder as his cellmate. Carlos worked with the Medellin cartel, started by the most scandalous medication master ever, Pablo Escobar. George expressed his advantage in working with them.

In April 1975, both George and Carlos were released together. They flew down to Columbia, where George met Pablo Escobar. They struck a deal, and this time, the danger was greater, as they traded cocaine. George had to fly cocaine from Columbia into California, where the shipment was to be handed over to one of George’s contacts.

However, there was one issue: George was just the mediator, and he wanted to get more cash-flow.

George Jung stole small planes and started charging $10,000 for each kilo of cocaine. With 300 kg of cocaine being smuggled in five planes each, he was making near $15 million for every outing. He thus developed richer consistently.

The usual strategy for an individual dealing in illegal income is to launder the cash. However, by and by, his absence of presence of mind improved him. He avoided laundering his cash and deposited it in the national bank of Panama.

In 1987, George Jung was arrested from his manor at Nauset Beach, close to Eastham, Massachusetts. He was somehow conveying a low quantity of cocaine and was thus subjected to a short jail sentence. However, he skipped bail and testified against Pablo Escobar and others. He was hence released.

He stayed under the radar for some time yet couldn’t get himself far from the medication business, which was highly profitable and thrilling. In 1994, he came in touch with his old Mexican medication runner companion and was again caught with kilos of cocaine in Kansas.

Following this, he was sentenced to 60 years in jail and was kept in a federal jail in New York.

George Jung was eventually released from jail in November 2014. However, he was arrested once more for parole infringement after showing up as a visitor at a function. He was arrested and kept in a halfway house until July 2017.

The American film ‘Blow,’ which was released in 2001, was based on George’s real-life antics. The film featured Johnny Depp as George.

George Jung

George Jung

Family and Personal Life

George Jung married his long-lasting sweetheart, Mirtha, in 1977. They divorced in 1984. He had a daughter named Kristina Sunshine Jung from his marriage.

His relationship with his daughter was highlighted in the film ‘Blow.’ Though George Jung shares a cozy relationship with his daughter, he once stated in a paper meet that his daughter actually “can’t excuse him” for all his deeds.

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