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Killer Of John Lennon

Mark David Chapman Networth



Mark David Chapman

Mark David Chapman

66 years
May 10, 1955
Fort Worth, Texas
5'10'' (178 cm)
Killer Of John Lennon
David Curtis Chapman, Kathryn Elizabeth Chapman
Gloria Abe (M. 1979)
November 2020

Mark David Chapman is an American killer who is serving a twenty-year-to-life jail sentence for executing performer and previous Beatles part John Lennon before his high rise in New York City in December 1980. A devotee of the celebrated performer, he got incensed after Lennon claimed that the Beatles were more well known than Jesus.

He planned the homicide for quite a long time, often having conflicted thoughts, and even tried to alert his wife about his goals and considered looking for medical help. Chapman, who was subjected to tormenting at school, suffered from gloom and used to paint an overwhelming image of himself in his forlornness.

He yielded to drugs and even made a failed self-destruction endeavor once. He eventually turned to God and for some time led a nice life as a day camp advisor for children and later as a volunteer for YMCA.

However, he suffered from blame inside, which led to a fixation on craftsmanships, music, the book ‘The Catcher in the Rye’, and finally Lennon’s homicide.

Mark David Chapman

Mark David Chapman

Childhood and Early Life

Mark David Chapman was born on May 10, 1955, in Fort Worth, Texas, to David Chapman, a staff sergeant in the U.S. Aviation based armed forces, and Diane Chapman, a medical attendant. He is the senior of his folks’ two children and has a sister named Susan.

His father taught him to play the guitar, and also bought for him the principal Beatles album, ‘Meet the Beatles’, which made him a devoted aficionado of the band. As indicated by his mother, he was a happy child and despite his father’s repeated exchanges, would effortlessly make companions in new neighborhoods.

However, he later revealed that he was bullied at Columbia High School in Decatur, Georgia, as a result of his helpless athleticism, and started to feel like a rebel when he was in third or fourth grade. He felt alienated both from his “dreamish… cranky” mother and his “shy, isolated” father, who might often get savage, as though to vent his feelings.

During this time, he often imagined himself to be the ruler of a gathering of fanciful “little individuals” who inhabited the walls of his bedroom. He often skipped classes, started ingesting medications at 14 years old, and once fled from home, going through about fourteen days in the city of Atlanta.

He was taken in by the police following a harrowing LSD trip, and in the wake of going through a night in prison, was picked up by his father, whom he saw weeping unexpectedly that day. Finally, in 1971, during a visit to his grandmother in Florida, he felt betrayed by his supposed companions, and turned to God out of edginess and turned into a born-again Presbyterian who started disseminating Biblical parcels.

Mark David Chapman Career

Mark David Chapman, who had been a dedicated volunteer at the South De Kalb County, Georgia YMCA, since his senior year at school, turned into an instructor there at 17 years old. He was voted the best instructor for a long time since 1972 and was promoted to associate director position two years after the fact.

He was assigned to Beirut, Lebanon in 1975, yet after common war broke out there about fourteen days after the fact, he was reassigned to a Vietnamese displaced person camp at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. He returned to YMCA as the associate director in the following summer, however left within a month following a contention with the swimming director.

Mark David Chapman next started filling in as an unarmed safety officer in the Atlanta air terminal at the proposal of his companion Dana Reeves. He later took seven days in length course to qualify as an armed watchman and was posted at DeKalb General Hospital outside Atlanta.

Inspired by the film ‘Far and wide in Eighty Days’, he went on a six-week-long excursion around the globe in 1978, visiting Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, Beirut, Geneva, London, Paris, and Dublin.

Mark David Chapman later started functioning as a printer at Castle Memorial Hospital, where he was fired once before leaving the place of employment following an altercation with a medical caretaker.

Personal Life

Mark David Chapman turned out to be romantically involved with Jessica Blankenship, a companion from fundamentalist petition gatherings, in mid-1975. In December that year, they enrolled at Covenant College, Georgia, yet separated later as he felt remorseful and suicidal.

In 1978, Mark David Chapman engaged with his Japanese-American travel planner, Gloria Abe, whom he married on June 2, 1979. Mark David Chapman later mentioned that he harbored a “profound seated disdain” towards his wife since she didn’t attempt to stop him despite thinking about his goals to slaughter Lennon.

Murder of John Lennon

Following his strict transformation, Mark David Chapman turned out to be especially angered about Lennon’s remark that Beatles were “more well known than Jesus”.

Perusing the book ‘John Lennon: One Day at a Time’ by Anthony Fawcett, he got incensed about the star’s million-dollar lifestyle with “yachts and homesteads and nation homes” while preaching adoration and harmony.

Weeks before the homicide, he also listened to Lennon’s presentation solo album post Beatles’ part, ‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’, in which he mentioned he didn’t have confidence in God or the Beatles.

Meanwhile, following the proposal of a companion, he read J.D. Salinger’s ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and got obsessed with the book’s hero, Holden Caulfield, often envisioning himself as Caulfield.

He went to New York to execute Lennon in October 1980, however returned later to get ammo, and also informed his wife about his aims, yet she didn’t take any activities. Conflicted within himself, he had made a meeting with a psychologist, yet eventually skipped it and returned to New York in November to proceed with his arrangement.

On December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman went through a large portion of the day holding up outside the Dakota condo, where Lennon lived, however missed him when he returned there toward the beginning of the day. As Lennon and his wife Ono headed out for a chronicle meeting, Chapman shook his hands and got one of his albums autographed.

When they returned soon thereafter, he shot five hollow-point slugs from a .38 special gun at Lennon from the behind, hitting him multiple times and fatally harming him. Chapman didn’t endeavor to escape the area of the wrongdoing; all things being equal, he started perusing ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ until he was arrested by the police before long.

Mark David Chapman

Mark David Chapman


Mark David Chapman was charged with second-degree murder for his wrongdoings, however, his wife, who thought about his arrangements and never really stop him, was not charged.

Despite being instructed by his attorney to argue not liable because of madness, he decided to drop the craziness protection and pleaded liable, referencing that God had instructed him to do as such.

Since he pleaded blameworthy, stopping the trial, Judge Dennis Edwards sentenced him to a jail term of twenty-years-to-life, five years not exactly the most extreme sentence of a quarter-century to-life.

Mark David Chapman was imprisoned at Attica Correctional Facility outside of Buffalo, New York, in 1982, and invested his energy working in the kitchen, housekeeping area, library, and as a legal agent.

Since getting qualified for parole in 2000, he has been denied parole multiple times by a three-part load up. However, he is allowed one conjugal visit of as long as 42 hours every year with his wife in a specially constructed jail home.

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