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Nobel Laureate In Physics

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Pierre Curie

Pierre Curie

162 years
May 15, 1859
April 19, 1906
Paris, France
Paris, France
5'0'' (148 cm)
Nobel Laureate In Physics
Dr. Eugène Curie, Sophie-Claire Depouilly Curie
Marie Curie
Ève Curie.,
November 2020

Pierre Curie was a French physicist, one of the pioneers in radioactivity. He and his wife, Marie Curie, alongside Henri Becquerel, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, for their examination of radiation. Curie’s early career was dedicated to his doctoral exploration of attraction.

He is credited with planning and idealizing an incredibly delicate torsion balance for estimating attractive coefficients. He additionally proposed Curie’s Law and the Curie Dissymmetry Principle. The child of a doctor, Pierre was a splendid understudy.

Pierre Curie indicated a solid fitness for mathematics and calculation, getting his Mathematics degree at the age of 16 and finishing what could be compared to a more significant level by 18. Working with his brother he found piezoelectricity, demonstrating that an electric potential could be generated by packing precious stones.

They developed the Piezoelectric Quartz Electrometer to help their work. He married individual physicist, Marie Sklodowska (prominently known as Marie Curie), and the two pursued isolating polonium and radium.

Together they spearheaded the investigation of radioactivity—a term that the husband-wife team instituted. He additionally made advancement disclosures in the exploration of radioactive materials and was among the principal researchers to find atomic energy. The life of this splendid researcher was deplorably stopped by a pony drew truck mishap.

Pierre Curie

Pierre Curie

Childhood and Early Life

Pierre Curie was born on May 15, 1859, to Eugene Curie and his wife Sophie Claire Curie in Paris, France. His father was a doctor and educated his child himself when he was youthful.

Pierre was a wise little youngster and showed an inclination for mathematics and calculation as an adolescent. He acquired a degree in mathematics when he was 16 and entered the Faculty of Sciences at the Sorbonne from where he procured his permit ès sciences in 1878.

He was unable to proceed with his examinations for the need for assets and took up a job as a laboratory instructor where he worked until 1882. Then he was made responsible for all reasonable work in the Physics and Industrial Chemistry Schools.

During his early career, he used to work in collaboration with his brother, Jacques. Together they examined crystallography and found piezoelectric impacts. Working in this field made him direct his concentration toward attraction.

For his doctoral thesis, Pierre Curie tested to check whether any changes existed between the three sorts of attraction: ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, and diamagnetism. He protected his thesis on attraction in 1895 and got his Doctor of Science certificate.

He demonstrated what is known as Curie’s point—the temperature at which the attractive properties of a given substance changes.

Pierre Curie likewise developed a few bits of hardware to aid his tests. These included balances, electrometers, and piezoelectric precious stones.

Pierre Curie

Pierre Curie

Pierre Curie Career

He was named as the Professor of Physics in 1895. At this point, he was married to another physicist, Marie Skłodowska, who took the name Marie Curie after marriage.

Together with his wife, he directed investigations on what might get known as radioactive substances. The couple didn’t have a well-prepared laboratory to work in and they confronted budgetary issues too. However, nothing could hose their enthusiasm for science.

Another researcher, Henri Becquerel, had found the idea that would later be classified “radioactivity” in 1896 and the Curies were resolved to contemplate a mineral, pitchblende, which had better radioactivity as looked at than uranium.

The Curie couple found radium and polonium by fractionation of pitchblende in 1898. The revelation of radium and the work done by the couple in this field would prepare for a great part of the ensuing exploration in the zone of atomic material science and science.

Pierre Curie zeroed in on considering the brilliant and synthetic impacts of radiations by calorimetry. His examinations were made ready for further exploration prompting radium therapy.

He found a new line of a work offer from the University of Geneva which he declined to proceed with the work he had embarked on with his wife. He turned into a teacher at the Sorbonne in 1900 and was elevated to a professorship in 1904. His splendid career and motivating life were appallingly stopped by a mishap in 1906.”

Major Works

As a physicist, he had made critical commitments to the fields of crystallography, attraction, piezoelectricity, and radioactivity. He proposed Curie’s law and alongside an understudy, made the principal disclosure of atomic energy. A significant part of the later works in atomic science and physical science is based upon his underlying examination.

Awards and Achievements

Pierre Curie shared the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics alongside Marie Curie and Antoine Henri Becquerel. While Becquerel won the prize “for his revelation of unconstrained radioactivity”, the Curie couple were perceived “for their joint investigates on the radiation wonders found by Professor Henri Becquerel”.

In 1903, he alongside Marie was awarded the Davy decoration by the Royal Society of London for their investigates on radium.

Pierre Curie

Pierre Curie

Personal Life and legacy

Pierre Curie met Marie Skłodowska (otherwise called Marie Curie) through a typical companion and began to look all starry eyed at her. Dazzled with her adoration for science, he proposed union with her. The couple got married in 1895 and was honored with two little girls.

His girl Irene Joliot-Curie was additionally an unmistakable researcher and Nobel laureate herself. His other little girl, Eve, turned into an essayist.

Pierre Curie kicked the bucket in a mishap on 19 April 1906 when he slipped and fell under a pony-drawn truck and the truck ran over his head fracturing his skull. He passed on immediately.

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