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History About RecentlyHeard:

In 2015, Recently Heard was established as, a Recently Heard Center project. At the time, the site was connected simply to other content creators and was the focal point of significant political and media events. The website was created to provide readers with an alternative to the open politics of the establishment’s media outlets. The audience expanded over time and authors and opinion leaders started to publish the original work in its entirety.

In 2015, the marketing team founded the Recently Heard Facebook page and began to publish on the increasing social network political news and reviews from the site. However, only in 2017 did Recently Heard employ its first full-time author and publish original information. The web was quickly expanded during this period, attracting hundreds of thousands of readers daily by the end of 2017.

In early 2018, Recently Heard started its strategic turning point by relying heavily on its Facebook audience and experimenting with interesting titles.


The following principles are the basis for all ethical and editorial practices.


We should all be true to our material. There’s no meaning greater than that.

This does not prohibit the use of opinion — opinion is important for political and cultural observations. But truth must endorse all opinions shared.


Due to circumstances outside its control, our content should never denigrate an individual or persons. Those that we report should always be regarded and regarded as people who deserve respect because of those who have become in God’s picture.


In the development and promotion of morality, all Recently Heard material should be excellent.


We need to show the truth about strong interests that our coverage might anger.

Recently Heard invites its workers to speak out within the framework of our wider principles when they disagree with a company decision or editorial stance they feel is inconsistent with or undermine the purpose of the organization.

Creativity Development

All individuals with unique presents, unique histories and stories in our news organization will contribute to the quality of the entire business. We allow everyone in our company to chat and we do not discard suggestions and still allow frank discussion.

We’re not afraid of doing new stuff in terms of creativity. When we see a solution other people don’t see, we bring up new ideas. We experiment, interpret, and retry findings. In our company, we inspire people to make major bets and fail. This is the best way for us to learn and to be a stronger news firm.

Property / Sources of funding

Recently Heard and Stack Giant Tech’s parent company is 100 % owned by Rajesh family members without foreign investors, grants, and support. Recently Heard is financed by paying advertisements to provide our readers with a free news outlet.

Feedback Policy

We agree that input from the public is not a one-way street – just publishing your comments or letters. We commit ourselves to engage with you on the basis of your suggestions, concerns, and other feedback. You may assist in creating an individual story or coverage, answering questions, identifying similar or underdeveloped topics, and educating us new and various sources, experts, and perspectives.

Accordingly, we are committed to making news more accessible and to daily points of touch and interaction. We agree that news media have a duty and a great deal to benefit in exchange for communicating with the public on the principles, concerns, and ideas of our day.

You can reach us through the following ways:


Mailing address: Recently Heard

Vasanth Nagar Colony

Hyderabad, Telangana, 500080


Contact Email: [email protected]